Work-Study Program

Work-Study Program

The Wenzhou-Kean University Work-Study Program is created to encourage students to participate in the university’s operation and management. The program provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable working experience while getting paid.

How to Apply
1. At the beginning of each academic year, Financial Aid Office, Student Affairs will send email to all students to publish the open positions of Work-Study Program for this academic year.

2. Students could apply for Work-Study Program position as required.

3. Students will be informed of the further interview organized by the employing departments. The final recruitment result will be sent to Student Affairs for confirmation.

Position Category and Salary Standard
Work-Study Program holds both long-term position and temporary position. Long-term position salary shall be reasonably determined with reference to the minimum hourly wage standard set by our local government or relevant departments. At present, the salary for long-term position is 17 yuan per hour; the salary for academic peer tutors /coaches is 50 yuan per hour. The salary for temporary positions is 12 yuan per hour.


  1. Student candidates shall balance the time of work and study. All Work-Study Program positions should be with no more than 40 working hours per month.
  2. In principle, every student could only work in one position, except for academic peer tutors /coaches, assistant of national high school sharing tour, assistant of recruiting expo.
  3. The term of appointment for all positions is one academic year. Priority will be given to students from families with financial difficulties and students who have not participated in Work-Study Program.
  4. If student violates any laws, regulations, or Student Code of Conduct and receives written warning or above, the University will terminate the employment.

Student Financial Aid Office

Office: SLAC 217

Tel.: 0577-55870143