In order to meet the study and life needs of enrolled WKU students, the Counseling Center has carried out a series of professional services targeted to meet the students’ needs and is committed to creating an environment of physical and mental health, helping students to complete their studies better.

Individual psychological assessment and counseling
Individual psychological assessment and individual psychological counseling is a free and strictly confidential psychological service for all WKU registered students, which provides an initial assessment of a student’s concerns and background information to determine follow-up counseling or other intervention options; helping students to adjust physical and mental status better and to complete their studies successfully.
Common concerns on campus include:

Counseling Center

Our Team

Senior Coordinator/Supervisor: Sue Yi

  • D409,GEH

Counselor: Sisi Zhao

  • D409,GEH

Counselor: Ning Wu

  • D409,GEH

Counselor Intern: Shujun Zhang

  • D409,GEH
    • Life adjustment;
    • Relationships;
    • Academic performance;
    • Sex;
    • Emotional problems;
    • Eating and sleeping concerns, etc.


  • Face to face: GEH D401A;
  • Phone number: 5587 0127 
  • QQ:1913166157(Official QQ of Counseling Center)
  • Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30-12:00;13:00-16:30(except holidays)

Make the referral
Students’ behavior and psychological status are closely related, a professional psychological assessment can help assess students’ psychological status and help them in a better way. If you find a student in need of psychological help, please fill out the referral form and send it to Suntree Counseling Center by emailing

24-hour psychological hotline for special periods
During the epidemic, the Chinese Clinical And Counseling Psychology Registration System and the Ministry of Education have set up 24-hour psychological hotlines as one of the alternative ways for students to pour out concerns. The following university psychological hotlines are available for students’ reference:
Central China Normal University psychological hotline:
Peking University psychological hotline:010-62760521
Tsinghua University psychological hotline:400-0100525
The University Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences psychological hotline:
Note: The psychological hotlines are only for pouring out concerns. If you need further psychological assessment and counseling, please get in touch with the WKU Counseling Center.

Freshman Psychological Assessment
The national freshmen psychological assessment will be held in the first month after freshmen arrival, every freshman is required to take the assessment.
Login name: Chinese name
Password: KeanID

Emergency intervention
When a student is in an emergency situation (you or you see the students around you have self-injury, want or are carrying out dangerous behaviors), please call the WKU Campus Safety Emergency: 55870033, or 120 or 110 in case of emergency.

Links to other professional resources
1. The Affiliated Kangning Hospital Of Wenzhou Medical University
Phone number: 4000002120
Address: No.1 Shengjin Road, Huanglong Residential Area
2. Tianzhen Hall
Phone number:0577-55599577
Address: Building #8, Hualong Bridge South Section, Nantangfengmao Zone, Lucheng District, Wenzhou
3. Other professional resources recommended
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Simple Psychology
PsyByond(Wechat Mini Program)