Societal/Community Values: Community and Civic Engagement

The “Societal and Community Values” dimension of the programming curriculum is intended to help students become responsible, active, and contributing members of their surrounding society. This dimension will encourage students to get involved at Wenzhou-Kean University and beyond through programs that provide students with leadership opportunities, encourage teamwork, and foster collaboration.

Group Values: Multiculturalism and Globalization

The “Multiculturalism, Individual Difference, and Respect for Diversity” dimension of the programming curriculum is intended to prepare residents to be a part of their surrounding global community. The goal of this dimension is to encourage students to develop respect, appreciation, and tolerance for cultural differences.

Individual Values: Personal Development and Wellness

The “Personal Development and Wellness” dimension of the programming curriculum facilities student learning and growth outside of the classroom.  Programs in this dimension should provide students with opportunities for self-exploration, reflection, and personal improvement.  Such programs may allow students to reflect upon their habits and skills in relation to self-wellness, academic performance, and professionalism.