Wenzhou Kean University is committed to building a safe and well-equipped learning and living community. By organizing a variety of activities to guide students to make effective use of residential resources and promote students to achieve academic success and personal goals.


Check in Application

Rooms for Freshmen are arranged by the university.

Senior Students who have left the dormitory for reasons such as overseas exchange, off-campus accommodation, suspension etc. and want to live in dormitory again must submit the application one week in advance and fill out the Wenzhou-Kean University Student Dormitory Check in Application Form.

Check Out Application

Students applying for overseas exchanges, off-campus accommodation, suspension, dropout and graduation must complete the Wenzhou-Kean University Student Dormitory Check Out Application Form.

Transfer Application

Daily Transfer Application

Students ask for room changing. After RA and RHD understand the cause, RHD provides available beds information. Students choose the appropriate bed and negotiate with the students who live in this room. After the negotiation, students must fill in the Wenzhou-Kean University Student Dormitory Transfer Application Form.


Off-campus Accommodation

Students who need off-campus accommodation for special reasons shall apply for off-campus accommodation in accordance with Administrative Rules for Off-campus Accommodation Application of Wenzhou Kean University and fill in and sign the Wenzhou Kean University Application Form for Off-campus Accommodation and Wenzhou Kean University Commitment Agreement for Off-campus Accommodation.  The application will be subject to the decision of the Off-campus Accommodation Approval Committee.


Students should ask their professors for leave first, and then apply

for off-campus and back to campus through ONCE system.

DA of Training Building:

  • 5587 0908

DA of Plum Hall:

  • 5587 0147

DA of Orchid Hall:

  • 5587 0138

DA of Bamboo Hall:

  • 5587 0139

DA of Chrysanthemum Hall:

  • 5587 0146

DA of Banyan AD:

  • 5587 0940

DA of Banyan BC:

  • 5587 0943

DA of Maple Hall:

  • 5587 0942

DA of Gingko Hall AB:

  • 5587 0938

DA of Gingko Hall CD:

  • 5587 0944

DA of Osmanthus Hall A:

  • 5587 0256

DA of Osmanthus Hall B:

  • 5587 0204

DA of Ougan Hall:

  • 5587 0945

Facilities Service:

  • 5587 0909

IT Support:

  • 5587 0707

Campus Safety:

  • 5587 0110

Health Service:

  • 5587 0120

Counselling Service:

  • 5587 0127

Residence Life and Housing Center:

  • 5587 0128

Management Call:

  • 5587 0033