About the Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association:

Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association was formally established on May 28, 2016. It’s a non-prof it organization composed of alumni of Wenzhou-Kean University.

Coordinator: CHEN Yiyu

Our Mission:

The Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association’s purpose is to promote the growth, status, and mission of the University; to act as a liaison between the alumni and the University community; and to develop alumni services as a means of encouraging alumni to maintain a continuing relationship with the University, its students, programs, and events. The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster alumni loyalty, involvement, and support.

About the Alumni Association Office:

The Wenzhou-Kean Alumni Association Office is the standing secretariat of the WKU Alumni Association Board, and the main liaison unit for the WKU regional alumni clubs.

The main responsibilities of the alumni office are:

  • Organize and support of the alumni events
  • Alumnidata management, file update
  • Alumni system development and management
  • Publicize Alumni
  • Supporting the development of Wenzhou-Kean regional alumni clubs
  • Other Alumni Association related affairs