Overview of Research and Innovation

Wenzhou-Kean University currently has approximately 500 faculty and staff members, with 220 of them being full-time teachers. These educators come from 40 countries and regions worldwide, with over 90% being foreign nationals. Most of them possess international teaching experience and hold doctoral degrees. Furthermore, the university has recruited one "Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor" (Category B talent), two "West Lake Friendship Award" winners (Category C talent), and seven Category D talents. The faculty has collectively published 1150 research papers, with 460 of them published as first authors or corresponding authors in international academic journals indexed by SCI and SSCI.

According to Scopus statistics, the school's research papers have achieved impressive metrics since 2020, including a Field-Weighted Citation Impact of 2.45, Outputs in Top Citation Percentiles at 20.2% (compared to the Chinese average of 11.4%), and Publications in Top Journal Percentiles at 22.2% (compared to the Chinese average of 19.5%). These achievements position the school at the forefront of Chinese universities. The outstanding global faculty provides robust support for the school's internationalization efforts. The university has implemented more than 465 scientific research projects, including 3 national-level projects, 31 provincial-level projects, 49 municipal-level projects, and 16 horizontal projects. The university has one national-level scientific research innovation platform, namely the "Service Center for Overseas Professionals (CAST) (Wenzhou-Kean University)", three provincial-level scientific research platforms, namely the "Zhejiang Provincial Bioinformatics International Science and Technology Cooperation Center", the "Zhejiang Overseas Professionals Community for Science and Technology", and the "Zhejiang Foreign Experts Workstation", two municipal-level scientific research platforms, namely the "Wenzhou Applied Biomedical Informatics Key Lab" and the "Wenzhou Industrial Economic Research Base", and 32 university-level scientific research institutions.

Wenzhou-Kean University has 1 national-level platform, 3 provincial-level platforms, 2 municipal-level platforms, and 32 university-level scientific research institutions.

As of October 2023, the faculty of Wenzhou-Kean University has collectively published more than 920 research papers.

As of October 2023, Wenzhou-Kean University has implemented more than 300 scientific research projects, including 3 national-level projects, 29 provincial-level projects, 48 municipal-level projects, and 12 horizontal projects.

From 43 countries and regions around the world, over 79% of them are foreign nationals, most of whom have international teaching backgrounds and doctoral degrees.

Wenzhou-Kean University initiated Student Research Day in 2016. It is an annual campus-wide research activity organized every April to provide students with a platform to present their preliminary or completed research and creative work, and improve the overall academic research atmosphere at the University.

All WKU students are eligible to present individual or team projects on Student Research Day. Students can present their research outcomes in the format of 3-min competitions, oral presentations, posters, project demonstrations, and public exhibitions. Student Research Day plays a crucial role in improving student's critical thinking, teamwork ability, and practice social skills and enhances the University's research impact. Furthermore, more than 2000 students have participated in presenting the research projects on Student Research Day. The fantastic growth in student participation in Student Research Day, from 72 students in 2016 to more than 660 students, reflects the vibrant level of student research activity on campus.

Academic Lecture Event Announcement

Is your concept of RESEARCH still limited to dry data and obscure professional terminology? Then, Wenzhou-Kean University's STUDENT RESEARCH DAY is bound to "open your eyes wide." Here, you'll find "singing plants" that interact with you, real and touching stories of six grandmothers to stir your memories, and exciting Internet+ electronic platform cases to spark your entrepreneurial inspiration. Who says the halls of academia are unattainable heights?