Wenzhou-Kean University Education Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) was established in July 2016 with the approval of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wenzhou. The Foundation is non-public, with the Wenzhou Municipal Education Bureau as the immediate superior. In August 2017, the Foundation was recognized as a charitable organization. In 2020, the Foundation was evaluated Class 5A in Wenzhou.

With the purpose of gathering streams from everywhere to nurture the great cause of education, the Foundation is committed to strengthening relations and cooperation with people from home and abroad, raising and managing funds, rallying the strength of all parties to support the campus construction, talent training and scientific research of Wenzhou-Kean University, and promote the construction of Kean Town.

Why Giving Matters

Honor Roll


China National Sci-Tech Information Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Topbright Animation Corporation

“Donate One Day Of Your Income” Fundraising Event (61 faculty and staff)

Bank of China

Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Branch

OHT Group

WKU Track and Field Seats Endowment Fund (4 students)

Zhejiang Wharton Education Consulting Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Erkn Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Cary Anderson

Wenzhou Charity Federation

TSINGSHAN Charitable Foundation

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