The Student Government of WKU is actively involved in the administration of the university and student affairs. And the leadership and class representative teams of the SG are elected by the students. The mission of the SG includes managing club affairs, planning campus events, defending students' rights and interests, and creating a richer and more colorful university life for students.

The leadership and class representative teams of the SG are elected through public speeches and by unanimous vote of the students throughout the campus. The democratic election process emphasizes the importance of student ownership and participation, as well as honing the leadership and presentation skills of those running for office. These student leaders represent the voices of their peers and are committed to making campus life better for them.


Culture Construction

In terms of campus culture construction,the SG holds many activities every year. For the 2022-2023 academic year,it successfully held 2 small and medium-sized activities and 3 large-scale activities. On average, about200 students participated in each small and medium-sized activity, and more than 500 people participated in large-scale activities. Among them, among the small and medium-sized activities the most distinctive ones are "When the Stars Shine" school song adaptation activity, and the "De-Stress-Cember" series of activities jointly organized with RA, with more than 100 participants. Among the large scale events, Hall of Fame, which has been held for more than 5 consecutive sessions, is the most representative.

In addition, the SG has enhanced the communication and interaction among students through large-scale activities such as commencement, and enhanced students' awareness of campus culture and sense of belonging.


Student Services

In terms of student services, the SG has responded to student needs and problems in a timely manner through the operation of the Equity Assistant and the student rights protection mailbox. For the 2022-2023 academic year, a total of 126 feedbacks have been received, with a resolution rate of 93%.

The SG promotes the communication and cooperation between the universityand the students, and creates a harmonious and positive campus cultural atmosphere for all WKUers through efforts to enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of students to participate in the management of universityand community affairs.

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