Faculty & Staff

College of Liberal Arts

Tel: 0577-55870064

E-mail: liberalarts@wku.edu.cn

Michael Graves College

Tel: 0577-5587 0190, 0577-5587 0060

E-mail: mgc@wku.edu.cn

College of Science, Mathematics and Technology

Tel: 0577-55870466

E-mail: cst@wku.edu.cn

College of Business & Public Management

Tel: 0577-55870723

E-mail: CBPM@wku.edu.cn

College of Education

Tel: 0577-55870063
E-mail: coe@wku.edu.cn

Office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Tel: 0577-55870092

E-mail: vcaa@wku.edu.cn

Office of Academic Affairs

Tel: 0577-55870236

E-mail: academicaffairs@wku.edu.cn

Office of Registrar

Tel: 0577- 55870163

E-mail: registrar@wku.edu.cn


Tel: 0577- 55870600

E-mail: library@wku.edu.cn

Office of Research and Sponsored Program

Tel: 0577-55870073 55870047

E-mail: orspdept@wku.edu.cn

Office of Accreditation & Assessment

Tel: 0577-55870185


English Language Center (ELC)

Tel: 0577-55870065

E-mail: elc@wku.edu.cn

Chinese Curricula Center

Tel: 0577-55870174(CNCC)



E-mail: chinesecurriculacenter@wku.edu.cn

Student Academic Support Service Center

Tel: 0577-55870135

E-mail: sassc@wku.edu.cn

University Affairs Office

Tel: 0577-55870000

E-mail: universityaffairsDept@wku.edu.cn

Party Committee Office, United Front Work Department

Tel: 0577-55870889

E-mail: partycommitteoffice@wku.edu.cn

Office of Supervision(Audit)

Tel: 0577-55870046

E-mail: supervision@wku.edu.cn

The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research

Tel: 0577-55870023

E-mail: developmentplan@wku.edu.cn

Human Resources(Organization)

Tel: 0577-55870225

E-mail: hrdept@wku.edu.cn

The Office of Financial Services

Tel: 0577-55870507,



E-mail: financedepartment@wku.edu.cn

Campus Planning & Infrastructure

Tel: 0577-55870265

E-mail: campusplanninginfrastructure@wku.edu.cn

Logistics and Assets Management

Tel: 0577- 55870927

E-mail: maamdept@wku.edu.cn


Tel: 0577-55870053

E-mail: foundation@wku.edu.cn

Media and Design Center(Publicity)

Tel: 0577-55870024

E-mail: mediacenter@wku.edu.cn

Information Services Center

Tel: 0577-55870686

E-mail: itdepartment@wku.edu.cn

Student Affairs Office

Tel: 0577-55870160

E-mail: studentaffairs@wku.edu.cn

Admission Office

Tel: 0577-86000111

E-mail: admissions@wku.edu.cn

Students Career Development Center

Tel: 0577-55870080

E-mail: career@wku.edu.cn

Alumni Association

Tel: 0577-55870124

E-mail: alumni@wku.edu.cn

Center for International Studies

Tel: 0577-55870125

E-mail: wkucis@wku.edu.cn