Service of WKU Alumni when returning to campus

  • Present souvenir
  • Provide “reminiscence” lunch
  • Assist to reserve on-campus accommodation with a 15% off Alumni discount
  • Assist to book a campus tour provided by student ambassadors
  • Assist to reserve an activity space
  • Assist to take activity photos
  • Assist to contact staff of colleges
  • Assist to arrange forums with university leaders
  • Provide pick-up service (above 8 alumni)

Alumni Guest Benefit

  1. Alumni Office will provide round-trip tickets
  2. Arrange on-campus accommodation
  3. Provide Temporary Campus Card Service

Process of Application for returning to campus

  1. Class or individual should download and fill the application form from Alumni page of WKU official website, and send the form to ahead three weeks of schedule
  2. Alumni Office confirms the reception plan and give the feedback to the correspondent
  3. Alumni Office assists to reserve activity space and equipment
  4. Collecting activity materials and fill Alumni directories after the activity
  5. Alumni Office reports the activity by WeChat Account and website etc.

Click the following link for application form

Application form