Student clubs and organizations are vibrant parts of campus life. A full list of active student groups can be obtained by visiting Cougar Link and selecting the category of Wenzhou-Kean University Organization at the left side.

Advisor: Xinqi Chen



Types of Organizations

  • Cultural Organizations
  • Honor Societies
  • Performance Organizations
  • Professional Organizations
  • Recreational Organizations
  • Student Government
  • Student Media

How to Start a New Student Group

The Center for Leadership and Service has implemented the following process in order to appropriately assess the request for recognition and to allow the organization the opportunity to participate in the recognition process. The following steps will need to be taken:
1.Complete and submit an Application for Recognition through email to Center for Leadership and Service in the beginning of Fall and Spring semester (exact dates will be notified through email). Each Executive Board member of the student group must meet the Student Group Leadership Criteria.
2.Submitted application and supporting items will be reviewed by appropriate staff members in Center for Leadership and Service. Only complete applications will be reviewed.
3.The Center for Leadership and Service staff may request additional information or a meeting with students to discuss the organization mission, purpose, activities, and etc. In order to proceed with the application review process, we must receive a response prior to the recognition deadline for the appropriate semester.
4.Applications are reviewed for unique mission and purpose, as well as a complete Constitution.
5.Applicants may resubmit their submissions on Cougar Link with the necessary corrections for review, if necessary.
6.Upon approval, student leaders will receive electronic confirmation and further instructions for beginning the student organization recognition process.

Student Group Recognition and Development

The Center for Leadership and Service recognizes all student groups (Student Government, student clubs and organizations) each academic year. The following resources and policies aid Wenzhou-Kean University student club and organizations.

Cougar Link

Cougar Link is Wenzhou-Kean University’s online student group management and extra-curricular involvement tracking system. To learn more about Cougar Link, please click here.