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The General Education Hall (GEH)

The General Education Hall (GEH) was the first academic building on the Wenzhou-Kean campus. It is a large building located at the southwestern corner of campus. Four building wings are linked together by a central circulation spine. It utilizes Chinese traditional educational space and Wenzhou landscape characteristics. The exterior has a series of grand terraces and is built in an architectural style with patterned red bricks.

Wenzhou Tourism

Wenzhou has the most tourism resources in Zhejiang Province, integrating mountains, rivers, seas, lakes, islands, and springs. As of August 2022, it currently has 80 A-level tourist attractions (including two national 5A-level tourist attractions and 21 national 4A-level tourist attractions), six provincial-level demonstration counties (cities, districts), four national classic red tourism scenic spots, and 230 Zhejiang Province 3A level tourist villages. Within the territory, there are "The World Geological Parks" - Yandang Mountain, the "Island of Chinese Poetry and World Ancient Navigation Mark" - Jiangxin Island, the "Eternal Landscape Poetry and the Most Beautiful Peach Blossom Source" - Nanxi River, the "Pothole Wonder of China" - Tongling Mountain, the "China's tallest waterfall" - Baizhang Waterfall, the Shellfish and algae Kingdom - Nanji Islands, the Maritime Peach Source - Dongtou Islands... The unique tourism and cultural resources have created a beautiful Wenzhou.