Training Apartment Building & No.1 Dining Hall


Training Apartment Building and No.1 Dining Hall are located at the southwest corner of the first phase of the campus.  They frame a substantial courtyard with informal seating and a koi pond, and express an organic integration of the Chinese and American campus culture.  The architecture is primarily built of a red brick wall system and the courtyard layout.

The apartment building is divided into two wings, one of six-stories and the other four-stories. The first floor has service facilities such as lounges, reception areas, a print center and small shops, as well as open learning spaces. The second to sixth floors are mainly furnished apartments and laundry rooms and buffet-style dining space. There is a total of 154 apartments in the dormitories.


No. 1 Dining Hall consists of two floors, both of which are equipped with dining area and kitchens, accommodating about 400 people.  Traditional Chinese cuisine is served on the first floor, and western-style food on the second floor.



Area of construction:11,135㎡(Training Apartment Building);4,238㎡(No. 1 Dining Hall)

Year of put to use:2013