General Education Hall


The General Education Hall (GEH) was the first academic building on the Wenzhou-Kean campus. It is a large building located at the southwestern corner of campus. Four building wings are linked together by a central circulation spine.  Wing A has three floors, and the B, C, and D wings each have five floors. It utilizes Chinese traditional educational space and Wenzhou landscape characteristics. The exterior has a series of grand terraces and is built in an architectural style with patterned red bricks.

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The General Education Hall is equipped with a large number of classrooms which are suitable for small lectures and seminars. Most of the general education courses are taught in GEH. In addition, there is a biological laboratory, a chemical laboratory, a computer laboratory, a speech laboratory, library reading rooms, and other experimental training rooms. There are also many informal areas for public visitors and students to gather.

The technology incorporated in the GEH is substantial: Wifi network and power equipment, as well as various cutting – edge teaching equipment such as MediaSite, are available in all classrooms, to provide students with a convenient learning experience.








Area of construction:29,111㎡

Year of put to use:2013