Faculty Housing apartments


New Faculty Housing apartments are located at the northeastern corner of the campus, along Chuitai Mountain, with 6,300㎡of construction area. The site has surrounding hills, and the apartment buildings take advantage of the slopes and hills to create a unique and dynamic living environment.

Seventy-two apartments with 6 different suite types, as well as a faculty activity center are built in 8 buildings mainly for faculty members’ use. 

The faculty housings are equipped with hot water (24/7 available), air-conditioning and access control systems, as well as furniture, kitchen fittings, washer and dryer. In addition, a complete dormitory management system creates a safe and convenient living environment for faculty. (Faculty may choose to live in this apartment or in an apartment designated in downtown of their own accord. The campus shuttle bus daily transport between the University and downtown, conveniently picking up faculty and staff.)

Architectural Design Principle and Features

The architects adopted a design principle of “livability, ecology, economy and sustainability” to design the buildings, rationally using energy saving and environmental protection technology, and creating a modern livable residential complex with reasonable layout, full function, and convenient transportation. The complex also boasts characteristics as follows:

  1. It emphasizes the organic integration of various levels of green system and lives of residents, Through the terrace, roof garden, and water platform on the first floor, the value of landscapes has been maximized to meet the different demands of residents’ activity.
  2. A village – like complex with a sense of irregularity has been forged through the natural slopes among the big differences of elevations.
  3. The planes and spaces of the architectures are distinctive, with characteristics of hillside areas architectures. Under the premise of unified style, it makes the shape more charismatic. It emphasizes the integration of residential environment and architecture, individual and group, space and entity. And it focuses on the coordination of the residential environment, the building environment and the urban development style.