2023-2024 Wenzhou-Kean University Recruitment for Faculty

October 26, 2022 | Academic Position | Zibo Cen

About Wenzhou-Kean University

Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU), located in Wenzhou, China, one of three Sino-American universities along with NYU Shanghai and Duke Kunshan University, is approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Launched in 2012, WKU offers a unique model of higher education in partnership with Kean University, a comprehensive, public university in the state of New Jersey that is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. WKU sits on approximately 500 beautiful acres and currently enrolls about 4,200 students, and it is now in the midst of a rapid growth that will bring enrollment to 7,000 students within the next five years. All instruction is in English and all curriculum is provided by Kean University. In addition to its current 18 undergraduate programs, WKU has been approved by the Ministry of Education for offering 8 Master’s and 3 doctorate programs. Wenzhou is one of the most vibrant and economically advanced developed cities on China’s East Coast, located one hour by plane and three hours by high-speed train from Shanghai.

Wenzhou-Kean University currently offers the following degree programs: Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.D.), Biotechnology Science (M.S.), Computer Information Systems (M.S.), Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.), Global Management (M.B.A.), Architecture (M.Arch.), Educational Administration (M.A.), Psychology (M.A.), Finance (B.S.), Accounting (with emphasis on international standards and practices) (B.S.), Global Business (B.S.), Marketing (B.S.), Management (Business Analytics option/ Supply Chain & Information Management option) (B.S.), Economics (B.S.), Graphic Design (B.F.A.), Interior Design (B.F.A), Industrial Design (B.I.D.), Architectural Studies (B.A.), Computer Science (B.S.), Mathematical Sciences (Supply Chain and Management Information option and  Analytics Option) (B.A.), Biology (Cell and Molecular option) (B.S.), Chemistry (B.S.); Earth Science (Environmental Science option) (B.S.); English (English in Global Settings option) (B.A.); Psychology (General option/Forensic Psychology option) (B.A.); and Communication (Public Relations option) (B.A.). In addition, WKU has a substantial commitment to the teaching of ESL/EFL.


All faculty positions are full-time assignments, effective for the year of 2023. The positions are renewed every three years. Please find the bellowing Recruiting Categories for more information on each position.

A tenure-track Assistant/Associate Professor is a full time, 10-month employee who teaches 24 credits per academic year (course release is available for grant proposal development and other substantial research initiatives). Candidate will be expected to participate in the full range of faculty responsibilities, including high quality teaching, research, advising; student learning support; service to the university and/or professional community. Tenure-track appointment requires publications in internationally recognized and vigorously peer-reviewed journals.

A Lecturer is a full-time, 10-month employee who teaches 30 credits per year. Or a Lecturer is a full-time, 11-month employee who teaches 39 credits per year. A lecturer provides student and learning support services during the assigned period. Lecturers will be expected to provide high quality teaching, student advisement, learning support services, and service to the university/college/school/program and/or professional community; and perform related work as required. Lecturer positions are non-tenure track.

Candidates with doctorate degrees from reputable universities (Carnegie R1 institutions or comparable research institutions with strong academic reputation in the fields) are encouraged to apply.

Teaching assignments and related responsibilities may include day, evening, weekend and online courses. Interest or experience in using advanced instructional technologies to improve the teaching/learning process is highly desirable. All faculty may be required to teach General Education courses as needed. Opportunities are also available to teach disciplinary support courses. Candidates with an interest in teaching across disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Recruiting Categories:

Click to the job positions for more details and qualification

College Positions Search Committee
College of Business & Public Management Accounting Assistant/Associate/Full Professor/Lecturer cbpmhiring@wku.edu.cn
Business Law Assistant Professor/Lecturer cbpmhiring@wku.edu.cn
Finance Assistant/Associate/Full Professor/Lecturer financehiring@wku.edu.cn
Economics Assistant/Associate/Full Professor wkucbpm@wku.edu.cn
Global Business Assistant Professor wkucbpm@wku.edu.cn
Management Assistant/Associate/Full Professor wkucbpm@wku.edu.cn
Marketing Assistant Professor wkucbpm@wku.edu.cn
College of Liberal Arts Composition Lecturer wkuenglish@wku.edu.cn
ESL Lecturer wkuenglish@wku.edu.cn
English Assistant/Associate Professor wkuenglish@wku.edu.cn
English Writing Center Director and Assistant/Associate Professor wkuenglish@wku.edu.cn
Communication Assistant Professor/Lecturer wkucomm@wku.edu.cn
Psychology Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkupsych@wku.edu.cn
Forensic Psychology Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Anthropology Search” in the subject)
Anthropology Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Anthropology Search” in the subject)
Art History Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Art History Search” in the subject)
History Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “History Search” in the subject)
Japanese Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Japanese Search” in the subject)
Philosophy Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Philosophy Search” in the subject)
Political Science/International Relations Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Political Science” in the subject)
Sociology Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkucla@wku.edu.cn (Please include “Sociology Search” in the subject)
Graduate Programs MA TESOL Assistant/Associate Professor/Lecturer wkutesol@wku.edu.cn
Assistant Professors for Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership wku.el@wku.edu.cn
College of Science and Technology Biology Assistant Professor/Lecturer wkubio@wku.edu.cn
Computer Science Assistant/Associate Professor Lecturer wkucomputersci@wku.edu.cn
Chemistry Lecturer/Assistant Professor wkuchem@wku.edu.cn
Environmental Science Lecturer/Assistant Professor wkues@wku.edu.cn
Mathematics Assistant/Associate Professor/ Lecturer wkumath@wku.edu.cn
College of Architecture & Design Architecture Assistant Professor/Lecturer wkuarch@wku.edu.cn
Industrial/Product Design Assistant Professor/Lecturer wkudesign@wku.edu.cn
Interior Design Assistant Professor/Lecturer wkudesign@wku.edu.cn
Graphic Design Assistant Professor/Lecturer wkudesign@wku.edu.cn



A doctorate degree is required for tenure-track positions. ABD will be considered with completion date prior to the effective date of employment. A Master’s degree is required for Lecturer positions, but a Ph.D. is preferred.

A terminal degree is required for tenure-track positions in Design and Architecture. Equivalent professional experience may be considered to substitute for a Master’s degree as determined by the University. Candidate must have a proven record of professional work and/or academic scholarship.

English fluency are required for all positions.

Detailed information please refer to the above Recruiting Categories. Click the job positions for job descriptions.

Application Information for Architecture and Design Programs:

Please send cover letter, portfolios, resume, statement of teaching philosophy, research and creative work statement describing research and creative work interest, past accomplishments, awards, exhibits, and design projects, unofficial transcripts and contact information of three professional references by email to Search Committee. Official transcripts for all degrees and three current letters of recommendation are required before appointment.

Application Information for Other Positions:

Please send cover letter, resume, statement of teaching philosophy, statement of research goals (for tenure track Associate/Associate Professor positions), unofficial transcripts, three most recent publications (for tenure track associate professor position) and contact information of three professional references by email to the Search Committee. Official transcripts for all degrees and three current letters of recommendation are required before appointment.

If WKU staff would like to transfer the position, please fill the POSITION-TRANSFER Application Form (Download Here), and submit to Human Resources Office after approved by head of your current department and leadership.

Faculty positions at WKU offer:

  1. Annual salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. Salary of extraordinary candidates shall be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The University will provide start-up grants to support the tenure track faculty to start their research programs. After joining WKU, faculty have the opportunity to apply for a variety of internal research funding including international research collaboration grants as well as external funding opportunities at the municipal, provincial, and national levels.
  3. A well-rounded healthcare coverage, academic travel up to $2,000, housing options and subsidy up to $3,000, home traveling up to $6,000 (2 international round-trip airfares), a reimbursement to cover relocation expenses up to $1,000, shuttle bus to campus for work, and up to 8% front-load retirement benefits within accordance with completion of years of service with the University.
  4. WKU tuition waiver up to 80% for spouse/dependent children of faculty for undergraduate programs, and tuition discount of private/international kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools for children of faculty.
  5. The opportunity to teach high quality students with more than 60% graduates being admitted to the graduate schools at Top 100 Universities in the world.

Background Screening:

Wenzhou-Kean University conducts background screenings on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer and may use a third-party administrator to conduct background Screenings.