Human Resources


The Human Resources Office strives to provide high quality personnel services and supports to all faculty members and staff of the University, leads the initiatives and activities for work force planning and organization development and actively manage the acquisition and retention of talents. It assists resourcefully overall management in developing and implementing University’s standard practice procedures. It aims to establish and reinforce a productive, efficient and friendly working environment with rich and diverse cultures. The main function modules include the following: Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Foreigner Affairs and Training & Employee Relations.

Attract, inspire, and retain the talented personnel for strategic development of Wenzhou Kean University, consequently turning WKU into a nationwide center of talents from China and foreign nations.

To support strategic development of Wenzhou Kean University, attract and recruit the talents who fit to WKU, provide the opportunities of training and development, stimulate the potential of employee through a competitive and fair performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, create a working platform filled with cohesion and competitiveness, and achieve the goals of university and personal development.

We aim to:
Provide the information including clarified department mission and personal responsibility;Guide customers to the relative department or person in charge for those matters beyond HR responsibility;Dispose immediately or provide the specific finishing or response time for those solvable affairs based on current policies or previous experience;Report to supervisor or leadership board with those unsolvable special or new cases, and inform customers about updated process continuously;Respect every request, and contain the diversity of value and thoughts;Provide service with passion, and reception with manners;Collect feedback, and improve the service by training the employees.