Introduction of Wenzhou-Kean University Art Troupe

The Art Troupe of Wenzhou-Kean University was formally established in 2016. It is currently affiliated to the Chinese Curricula Center. After two years of continuous exploration and development, the Art Troupe has its elementary scale. Now there are eight teams, including Chorus, Group Singing Team, Chamber Orchestra, Folk Band, Electroacoustic Band, Dance Troupe (Chinese Dance, Pop Dance), Rap Team and Art Troupe Affairs. It is a total of more than 70 members. Each team has professional instructors who make great efforts to develop the Art Troupe.

As a field for the university to continuously improve the art practice as well as an important carrier to implement aesthetic education, the Art Troupe aims to enrich the art and cultural life on campus, improve the artistic accomplishment of college students and promote their integrated development. Furthermore, it brings art education into campus life, guides all students to understand excellent artistic achievements at home and abroad, master artistic skills, cultivate their abilities to feel beauty, express beauty, appreciate beauty and create beauty, stimulate the sense of innovation, enhance the ability to create, and better serves the growth of students.

Through artistic performances which are diversified and combine Chinese and Western forms, the Art Troupe will continue to show the campus atmosphere of cultural diversity, improve the aesthetic taste, and present its artistic mien.


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