The Office of Accreditation and Assessment (OA&A) provides leadership on the promotion and strengthening of the culture of assessment at WKU in collaboration with faculty, and administrators. In this process, the office ensures the preparation of academic and administrative assessment reports, and the completion of annual administrative divisions assessment results and recommendations reports. The OA&A also collaborates with administrative leaders on the completion of scheduled administrative program review reports.

In terms of accreditation and quality assurance, the OA&A at WKU plays two interlocking roles. The office provides data and evidence in support of Kean University’s accreditation with the MSCHE, while submitting other requirements to the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) and other governmental agencies as requested in the context of educational quality assurance processes.

MSCHE (Middle States Commission on Higher Education) Information

For more information about Kean University and Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Please refer to http://www.kean.edu/middlestatesreport

Strategic Plan for Wenzhou-Kean University

Annual Assessment Plan & Report Due Dates

Please complete page 1 (Annual Assessment Plan) by October 30 yearly on the AMS platform.
Please complete page 2-6 (Annual Assessment Report) by June 30 yearly on the AMS platform.

Assessment Resource and Template


Catherine Jue Yu (Ph.D)
Office: GEH B305
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