How to make payment

September 30, 2016 | Notice | Administrator

Instuction on Online Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are collected through Ping An Bank. There are three ways in which a student can make payment: online, over a bank counter or through POS machine. Cash payment is not acceptable. Please refer to the following for instruction on each method of payment

1.Online payment (commission free)

Ping An Bank’s online system accepts Union Pay bank cards issued by most Chinese bank cards, a list of which is published on website of Ping An Bank. If your card has an amount limits on e-shopping payment, please consult the issuing bank to make adjustment.


①Log on to Ping An Bank online payment platform

Access 1 :

Access 2: Find ”Campus Life” on Wenzhou-Kean’s homepage (, choose “Tuition and Fees” and then click on“Online Payment”.

②Get the notification number

Click on “查询通知单号”(Find notification number), input the student’s ID number, then click on the “查询”(search). You will see all the outstanding fees corresponding to the ID number. Click on the one you intend to pay, then this page will automatically carry you back to the login page with the notification number filled in. Please do check the amount before you comfirm the payment. If you have any doubts regarding the amounts payable, please quit the payment and contact the relevant relevant divisions for further information.

③Enter the verification code displayed on the page, then click the “支付”(Payment), double check your payment information and click “去银行付款”(Payment to the Bank), then the page will be converted to next step.

④Use online banking to pay

Choose “付款银行”( bank), enter the verification code displayed on the page, and then click the “支付”(Pay). The transaction details will be displayed, with the payee definded as “温州非税收费”(Wenzhou non-tax charge). Confirm the payment and then click the “确认支付”(Confirm payment). The page will forwarded to the online banking page of the your bank account. Then you may proceed to finalize the payment. If you have any problems during the process, please call the Ping An Bank service hotline: 0577-88837429 /0577-85699521.

2.Over the counter

Any Ping An Bank Branch in Wenzhou provide this kind of payment services. You need to get the notification number before making a payment at the bank counter. Please refer to the online payment’s procedures “Get the notification number” for guidance.

Please note:

① It is crutial to tell the cashier that you are paying the tuition and fees, and provide the payment notification number.

②Please ask the bank for receipt with bank’s stamp for record.

3.POS machine payment

Student may choose to pay by POS machine in Room A218, training building. The POS machine accepts Chinese Union Pay bank cards. Because of the limited number of POS machines, it may take a long time for you to wait. Therefore, we encourage students to use the other two methods.


Please make sure your have sufficient balance to cover the payment on one card, because the system does not support dividing the aggregate amount into several smaller ones.