Board of Directors

Board of Directors,Wenzhou-Kean University

Board of Directors shall be established pursuant to “Regulations on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools” and “The Implementation Measures for the Regulations on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools,” shall be the highest authority of the Wenzhou-Kean University, and determine all major issues of Wenzhou-Kean University.

The Board of Directors shall consist of sixteen (15) voting Directors ( also includes another the Director elected by the students): Eight (8), including the Chancellor as ex officio Director, shall be appointed by the the Wenzhou Municipal Government, and seven (7) shall be appointed by the the Kean USA Board of Trustees.  One (1) voting Director and one (1) alternate shall be a member of the student body elected by the students at large.  Each Party may appoint one alternate Director to participate in deliberation and voting only if one or more of that Party’s voting Directors are not present.  Two (2) student directors shall be elected by the students; the primary student director shall have one (1) vote and the alternate student director shall serve as non-voting. The Student directors shall attend and participate in the meetings and business of the Board of Directors except those specifically prohibited by law, or these Articles.  This exclusion shall include but is not limited to personnel and litigation matters. The Board shall have a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson, the combination of which shall be representative of both the PRC and USA.  If the Chairperson is a Chinese appointment then the Vice Chairperson shall be an American appointment and vice versa. List of the Board members shall be submitted to all approval authorities as necessary for record.

After leaving Board membership a director who has served a full four (4) year term and who has provided outstanding service shall be eligible for nomination as a Director Emeritus.  Nominations for Director Emeritus may come from the Wenzhou Municipal Government or the Kean USA Board of Trustees and forwarded to the Board of Directors for consideration.  The honor shall be bestowed upon a Board of Directors’ vote in accordance with the voting rules prescribed in these Articles of Association.  A Director Emeritus shall serve for a term of two (2) years and may be re-elected by the Board of Directors without term limits.  While it is a non-voting position, the Director Emeritus may be invited to participate in all Board meetings and functions and may be called upon to assist the Board and the Chancellor in those matters where the individual’s interest, experience and expertise will best serve the University.  The number of such positions is at the discretion of the Board, however the honor will be reserved for individuals with a record of distinguished service.

Board Members

Mr. Beijiao WANG (Chairperson)

Prof.LI Zhilin

Prof. Jia QU

Mr.Xiaodong YE

Mr.Zhengmeng YE

Mr.Xingzhong ZHUANG

Mr.Jianbo WANG

Prof.Shun WANG (Alternate Director)

Ms. Anne Evans Estabrook (Vice-Chairperson)


Mr.John KEAN, Sr.

Mr.John KEAN, Jr.

Mr.Alexander MIRABELLA


Mr.Elnardo J. Webster, II

Mr.James HYNES (Alternate Director)

Student Board Directors

Mr.HOU Sixun (Student Director)

Ms.WANG Xinru (Alternate Student Director)

Honorary Chairperson & Director Emeritus

Mr. Xinsheng ZHANG (Honorary Chairperson)


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