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Is it strange to wear the WRONG socks?

Children of the Stars


There is a group of people, who are characterized with social impairment and repetitive behaviors. Sometimes they wear the wrong socks when going outside. And it is often seen as awkwardness.


Of the 7.9 billion world population, we share different skin colors, heights, looks, and personalities, etc. There is a great possibility that we all could be the “different” ones from others in different cases.


In May 2022, together with WABC, WKU initiates a Different Socks Campaign to call for more understanding and support for people with autism (also known as “Children of the Stars”). They may be the ones with disabilities, but remember, Disability is NOT Inability. We are just different.

Let’s put on your different socks and show your support to people with differences. Let’s break the bias and stigma. We are all in for inclusion!


About the Wrong Socks Campaign

WABC Charity Foundation is committed to becoming a builder in the field of social integration in China. They provide free art healing services for people with mental disabilities as well as cultivating their interests and talents in the arts. WABC focuses on using art as a form of understanding and communication to help people with special-needs to be better integrated into society. All efforts are aimed at reducing social barriers such as discrimination, rejection, and exclusion.

Join the Different Socks Campaign

May . “Different Socks Run”

Put on a pair of different socks and jog around the campus! You can upload the phone/video via the links below. Feel free to share it on social media with the hashtag #WKUDifferentSocks

May . “Different Socks Photo”

Take a photo of your creative different socks on our campus! You can upload the phone/video via the links below. Feel free to share it on social media with the hashtag #WKUDifferentSocks

How to Upload and Share


photos/videos you took for the “WKU Different Socks Campaign”


24:00 May 31, 2022

-Form of Participation

  • Share your photos and videos on Weibo/Douyin with the hashtag #WKUDifferentSocks
  • Upload your photos and videos via the QR code for google links below.



Excellent photos and videos of WKU Different Socks Campaign will be exhibited through social platforms including WABC and WKU Wechat offical accounts, WABC weibo and douyin, etc.

Introduction of OAS services

(same as the one from the previous promotion article)



Event Details

Date: 10th May 2022 @ am8:00 - pm5:00
Time: am8:00 - pm5:00