CET-4 Vocabulary Building Activity

May 16, 2023 | ELC Activity


Are you struggling with CET-4 prep? Do you find building vocabulary on your own a difficult task to hold on to? The ELC launches the CET-4 Vocabulary Building Activity to encourage vocabulary learning and help prepare WKUers for the testDetails are as follows.



(Please keep an eye out for the posters around the campus. We’ll renew the code on the posters every week.)


Participants can set daily learning targets based on their own needs, but the minimum requirement is 30 new words per day.

After 60-day vocabulary learning, participants will take an online vocabulary test.

* All tested words are extracted from the CET-4 word list.

Test Time: TBA

Details will be announced via the WeChat group.  


Points will be awarded for the number of learning days and the test scores. (one day of learning = 1 point, test score = 40 points) 

Total points will then be added together as the final result.

*Participants gaining the same points will be ranked according to the test score.

If you have any inquiries, please reply to this email, or call us at 0577-55870078.

Time wont wait! Just scan the code above to start learning now.