Notice on TOEFL and GRE Test Entry Policy at Wenzhou-Kean University (Updated on August 19 2023)

August 19, 2023 | disciplineandtest | HU, SIQI

All candidates,

According to the current situation of the epidemic, candidates taking test at Wenzhou-Kean University should understand and abide by the following rules:

  1. When entering Test Center, you should present the original valid ID card and Admission ticket to the staff.
  2. Before the test, please carefully read the address of the test venue and the entry deadline of the admission ticket (or confirmation letter).
  3. Candidates should attach great importance to transportation, accommodation safety and self-protection, and should avoid activities that are against health before taking the test. Parents/escorts and private cars are not allowed to enter the test centre.
  4. All candidates are advised to bring disposable medical masks or surgical masks and wear them all the time. Queue in an orderly manner and keep more than 1 meter between each other.
  5. Our test center implements a closed-loop approach to organize the examination. Gate 1 of Wenzhou-Kean University is the only entrance and exit for candidatesto access and leave the test center’s campus. Candidates are not permitted to enter or exit the campus through any other gates. The test rooms are located in GEH, specifically rooms D501 and D504.  After the examination, candidates are strictly prohibited from lingering within the campus.
  6. Congregating or waiting at the school gate is strictly forbidden for parents or guardians who are accompanying candidates. Entry into the campus is not permitted. Instructions given by the on-site security staff must be followed.
  7. Candidates who disobey on-site instructions will not be allowed to take the exam, and the appropriate authorities will address the situation in line with the law and regulations.All consequences arising from such actions will be borne by the candidates themselves.

The entry policy will be timely adjusted according to the changes. In case of emergencies, the entry policy on test day may prevail.

If you have any questions, please contact the test center’s inquiry phone numbers: 0577-55870702, 0577-55870691.

(Revised on Aug.19, 2023)








五、本考点实行闭环方式组织考试,考生进、出本考点所在校区的唯一通道为温州肯恩大学1号岗亭,其他校门均不允许考生进出;考场设立在本校教学楼GEH D501机房、D504机房,考后严禁在校园内逗留。