Graduation Photo Notice

Dear graduates:

All students who will meet the graduation requirements by the end of the coming Winter, Spring and Summer semesters of 2023 are required to sit for an official graduate photo by the Xinhua Press. The graduate photo will be uploaded to the CHSI system and attached to your WKU certificate of degree and certificate of graduation.


The graduate photo will be taken on campus at the following time and place:

November 24, 2022, 9:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00 (Thursday)

2nd Floor of Dining Hall No.1


The graduate photo taken by Xinhua Press is your official graduate photo in the CHSI system, taken once only and cannot be changed. Please treat your appearance and dress seriously.


Students will be required to show the CHSI Photo QR code (see attachment 1 for tutorial).


Please dress neatly for the photo; without sunglasses, head coverings (unless worn for medical or religious reasons), ornaments, jewellery, headphones etc… Hair must be worn in such a way that it does not obscure your face. (See attachment 2 for further details)


Please attend the photo taking per your college during the designated time slot below. You can attend the photo taking at other time slots if you have difficulty in the designated hour:


Time  College
9:00-11:20 College of Business and Public Management
11:20-12:00 College of Science and Technology
13:00-14:00 College of Liberal Arts


College of Architecture and Design


The fee is 20 RMB, pay via Alipay on-site. No cash will be accepted.


You will have to go to China Xinhua News Agency’s Zhejiang Branch in Hangzhou (or another Province’s branch) to take your graduate photo if you miss the collective photo taking for personal reasons.


For further information, please visit .


If you have any queries, please come to the Office of the Registrar (GEH D202) for more information.


Best regards,

Office of the Registrar


Attachment 1 QR Code Tutorial
Attachment 2 Dress and Appearance Guide