2022 Provincial Basic Public Welfare Research Project

2022 Provincial Basic Public Welfare Research Project includes two categories:

1.  Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation

It supports the basic research, applied research and strategic frontier technology research in natural science, engineering science and management science.

1) Major Program

2) Distinguished Young Scholars Program

3) Key Program

4) Exploration Program

5) Program of Joint Funds

2. Public Welfare Technology Applied Research

It supports researchers to conduct technology research, promotion and application of industrial technology innovation and industrial progress, as well as technology research, promotion and application in the field of social public welfare.

The research field covers: industry, agriculture, social development, international cooperation, experimental animal, analysis and testing.

1) Industry, agriculture, social development program

2) International cooperation program

3) Experiment and animal program

4) Analysis and test program



  1. Application Limit in general

1) An applicant as the PI can apply for no more than 1 program. An applicant as the major team member (top 3 in the team, except PI) can participate in no more than 3 programs. An applicant as the PI or major team member cannot be involved in more than 2 programs in the same year. If an applicant is the PI of a provincial level research project, he/she can only apply for the Distinguished Young Scholars Program or Program of Joint Funds.

2) Applicant who has applied for NSFC this year shall not use the same or similar proposal to apply for the provincial program.

  1. Online Application

The application in on the “Zhejiang Government Service Network”. Please feel free to contact us via baojiajun@wku.edu.cn if you need any technical support.

  1. Schedule

Online application: July 6, 2021 – July 25, 2021

All the applicants are required to submit online applications before 12:00 noon July 23, 2021. Submission later than the schedule will not be accepted.

All the applicants are expected to contact us via baojiajun@wku.edu.cn to check the application eligibility before starting the application on the system. Thank you!


Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Wenzhou-Kean University