Notice on Arrangement for WKU Students Returning to the Campus for Spring Term 2020


Dear students,

The COVID-19 pandemic has been our top concern since its outbreak and has significantly affected our study and life. With the joint efforts from Kean and Wenzhou-Kean, the University has made full use of its advantageous online teaching resources, and succeeded in establishing the WKU online teaching platform. During these two months, with online learning, we never stop studying even though we are away from the campus. The WKU community, in more than 28 countries and areas all around the world, stands together to face the battle. Our will is a solid fortress that isolates the virus but never love, and at the beginning of this summer, we see the dawn of victory.

According to governments’notices and the university’s actual conditions, it is decided that Class of 2020 graduates will return to the campus on May 31st , 2020. Other students will not return to the campus except students with special cases can be arranged to return to the campus upon approval. Detailed arrangements (including dates and instructions) will be notified by Student Affairs. Please follow the instructions to arrange your schedule and take necessary procedures to protect yourself on the way back to the campus.

China has achieved great success in combating with the virus, but the situation around the world is still severe as the virus continues to spread globally. Currently, WKU has nearly 120 international faculty members and around 80% of them cannot return to the campus, and consequently online teaching will continue until the end of summer term. We hope you can take advantage of this brand-new teaching method and our resources online to keep strengthening your abilities of time management, autonomous learning and independence.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Wenzhou-Kean University

May 14th, 2020