Wenzhou-Kean University Announcement of 2018 Rewards for Academic Research

November 08, 2018 | ORSP | Jiajun Bao

To all administrative departments and colleges,

We are pleased to announce 33 rewards for academic research after review and evaluation, on the basis of Wenzhou-Kean University Regulations for Rewards for Academic Research (2018 revised edition).

The announcement will be posted on the official website during Nov.08 to 13. Any objection to the announcement can be reported in written form to ORSP.

Contact: Xiangxiang Zhu ORSP 0577-55870073 / Email: zhuxiangxiang@wku.edu.cn



Academic Research


Item and Category


1 Candy Lim Chiu Challenges and factors influencing initial trust and behavioral intention to use mobile banking services in the Philippines Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Third Class 700
2 Candy Lim Chiu Analysis of used cars remanufacturing in the Philippines using rapid plant assessment International Journal of Services and Operations Management Third Class 700
3 Han-Chain Ho Detangling consumer attitudes to better explain co-branding success Journal of Product & Brand Management SSCI 10000
4 Rongjuan Chen The Effects of Fluency and Framing on Perceived Review Helpfulness Global Marketing Conference Third Class 1000
5 Rongjuan Chen The Effect of Fluency on Review Helpfulness: Does It Depend on Perspective-Taking? Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems Third Class 1000
6 Aloysius Wong GCPred: a web tool for guanylyl cyclase functional center prediction from amino acid sequence Bioinformatics SCI II 20000
7 Man Zhou Transgenic creeping bentgrass overexpressing Osa-miR393a exhibits altered plant development and improved multiple stress tolerance Plant Biotechnology Journal SCI II 5000
8 Tiffany Tang When Arduino Meets Kinect: An Intelligent Ambient Home Entertainment Environment Sixth Int. Conf. on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, IEEE Press ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
9 Tiffany Tang Information Revelation for Better or Worse Recommendation: Understanding Chinese Users’ Privacy Attitudes and Practices Web-Age Information Management, Springer LNCS ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
10 Tiffany Tang Supporting Multiplayer Online Ball Passing at a Distance with Multiple Sets of Kinect Second Int. Conf. Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Press ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
11 Tiffany Tang “Beyond EFL Writing Anxiety”: Tapping into the Individual Emotionality of Proficient EFL Writers through Semi- Structured Analysis and Wearable Sensing LCT 2017. Springer LNCS ISTP/ISSTP/EI 700
12 Tiffany Tang Recommending highlights in Anime movies: Mining the realtime user comments “DanMaKu” Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys), 2017, IEEE Press ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
13 Tiffany Tang Combining wAMAN and Matrix Factorization to Optimize One-Class Collaborative Filtering and Its Application in an Emotion-Aware Movie Recommendation System The 2018 Int. Conf. Big Data and Computing (ICBDC’18), ACM Press ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
14 Tiffany Tang Combining Content and Sentiment Analysis on Lyrics for a Lightweight Emotion-Aware Chinese Song Recommendation System 10th Int. Conf. Mach. Learning & Comp. (ICMLC’18), ACM Press ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
15 Tiffany Tang The Foreign Language Effect and Movie Recommendation: A Comparative Study of Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews in Chinese and English 10th Int. Conf. Mach. Learning & Comp. (ICMLC’18), ACM
16 Tiffany Tang Vector projection on lyrics and user comments for a lightweight emotion-aware Chinese music recommendation system 2018 Int. Conf. Big Data Technologies (ICBDT’18), ACM Press ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
17 Tiffany Tang Assisting, Not Training, Autistic Children to Recognize and Share Each Other’s Emotions via Automatic Face-Tracking in a Collaborative Play Environment Universal Access in HCI (UAHCI 2018). Springer LNCS ISTP/ISSTP/EI 700
18 Tiffany Tang The Negative Effects of ‘Too Accurate’ Recommendation Results: A Pilot Study of the Effects of Search Engine Overuse on Chinese Students Web-Age Information Management, Springer ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
19 Tiffany Tang An Internet of Things Approach to “Read” the Emotion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Internet of Things A to Z: Technologies and Applications, Wiley ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
20 Tiffany Tang Assessment of the utility of gesture-based applications for the
engagement of Chinese children with autism
Universal Access in the Information Society SSCI 14000
21 Pinata Winoto A Multi-User Tabletop Application to Train Children with Autism Social Attention Coordination Skills without Forcing Eye-Gaze Following 2017 Conf. Interaction Design and Children (IDC 2017), ACM Press. ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
22 Pinata Winoto An Emotion Management System via Face Tracking, Data Management, and Visualization HCI International 2018, Springer CCIS ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
23 Pinata Winoto A Mathematical and Cognitive Training Application for Children with Autism: A System Prototype HCI International 2018, Springer CCIS ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
24 Pinata Winoto Training Joint Attention Skills and Facilitating Proactive Interactions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Journal of Educational Computing Research SSCI 14000
25 Changjiang Zhang An improved Adam Algorithm using look-ahead 2017 ACM International Conference on Deep Learning Technologies (ICDLT 2017) ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
26 Changjiang Zhang An Indoor Airflow Simulation and Airborne Dust Concentration Analysis The 10th International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (ICCMS 2018) ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
27 Changjiang Zhang The Recommender System for a Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record System for Regional Clinics and Health Centers in China 2017 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM 2017) ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
28 Changjiang Zhang A Design of  Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record System with Outpatient Service and Phaymacy Management for Regional Clinics and Health Centers in China 2017 6th International Conference on Computer Technology and Science(ICCTS 2017) ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
29 Changjiang Zhang Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Biology Vocabulary Learning Cloud System for College Students 2017 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications ISTP/ISSTP/EI 1000
30 Changjiang Zhang Multi-GPU Implementation and Performance Optimization for CSR-Based Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication 2017 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications ISTP/ISSTP/EI 700
31 Changjiang Zhang Performance Optimization for SpMV on Multi-GPU Systems Using Threads and Multiple Streams 2016 International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing Workshops ISTP/ISSTP/EI 700
32 Keith T. Lane Classroom learning activity types in an English medium university: Does it influence Chinese student satisfaction regarding CLIL and self-efficacy? Education and Self Development Journal


Third Class 1000
33 Yangfan Lin 关于事业单位实际应用新政府会计制度的思考  



Third Class 1000

Wenzhou-Kean University

Nov. 08, 2018