A Strategic Agreement between Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Wenzhou-Kean University

May 17, 2023

A Strategic Agreement between Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Wenzhou-Kean University

In order to deepen the industry-university collaborative research, promote the superior resources sharing and enhance regional innovation capability, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (WETDZ) and Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) entered into an agreement on economic, economic and trade cooperation,  research collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship, personnel training, internship employment, policy-making on April 17, 2017.

Recently, WETDZ adheres to innovation-driven development, business innovation environment optimization, production and research cooperation. At present, the district in the high-tech enterprises, research institutes, high-level personnel and other aspects of the introduction of data are in the city’s leading level, already has marine science and technology innovation park, science and technology incubator business center, Zhejiang University – Development Zone Technology Transfer Center, HIT – Center, Jilin University, Wenzhou Automobile Research Institute, Chongqing University standard parts industry public technology service platform and other carriers, showing a good momentum of innovation and development.

Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing educational resources, critical missions and advanced patterns from prestigious universities in the US. With a total of seven major professional accounting, finance, english, computer, international business, marketing, visual communication design, this year will be four new management, management, psychology, mathematics and architecture, Nearly 100 full-time teachers. According to reports, in order to introduce more market potential of scientific research and transformation projects, Wenzhou Kenen University is preparing Zhejiang – New Jersey Innovation Research Institute, ready to establish high-level talent introduction, scientific research and innovation cooperation, incubation business, industry and financial investment platform , The future will be these outstanding scientific and technological personnel and scientific research into the development zone excellent high-tech enterprises, to achieve the industrialization of scientific research, and promote the prosperity and development of Wenzhou economy.

In order to establish an effective cooperation operating mechanism, both parties shall: designate the specialized department and the specially-assigned person; formulate cooperation plans and key collaborative projects; allocate special funds; organize unscheduled meetings and exchange visits; facilitate communication and the exchange of information; study and carry out collaborative projects. Both parties will make a great contribution to economic and social development in Wenzhou.