Yusef Kianpoor Kalkhajeh

Education background

B.S. in Soil Science University of Tehran, Iran
M.S. in Soil Science University of Shahid Chamran, Iran
Ph.D. in Environmental Science University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Courses teaching

Principles of Environmental Soil Science (with Laboratory)
Foundations of Environmental Science (with Laboratory)
Atmospheric Systems (with Laboratory)
Geo-hydro Systems (with Laboratory)
Renewable Energy


Yusef received his PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, June 2017. During his PhD project, Yusef spent around 20 months at the Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanjing, 2014 to 2016, working on phosphate bonding and phosphate biogeochemistry in Chinese greenhouse vegetable soils. From July 2017 to March 2018, he was visiting scholar at the University of Copenhagen. Afterwards, he was a lecturer at Anhui Agricultural University for over four years before becoming an assistant professor at Wenzhou-Kean University in August 2022. Over the courses of his education and employment, Yusef has been involved in several projects focusing on different aspects of Environmental and Soil Sciences with over 40 publications in international reputable journals. Overall, he is very interested in investigating the biogeochemical cycling, translocation, and speciation of nutrients, trace metals, and organic pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic environments. His interest also includes Environmental Risk Assessment (soil and water quality/health assessment; Human health exposure to contaminants via food consumption), Water Treatment (Biochemical and physical removal of water contaminants, phosphorus recovery and reuse, and drinking water), and Sustainable farming (no-till or reduced-till, green manure application, multiple cropping, efficient water management).

Selected Publications

1. Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Huang, B; Hu, W. (2021). Impact of preferential flow pathways on phosphorus leaching from typical plastic shed vegetable production soils of China. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 307: 107218.

2. Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Huang, B; Hu, W; Ma, C; Gao, H; Thompson, M. L. Hansen, H.C.B. (2021). Environmental soil quality and vegetable safety under current greenhouse vegetable production management in China. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 307: 107230.

3. Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Huang, B; Sørensen, H; Holm, P. E; Hansen, H. C. B. (2021). Phosphorus accumulation and leaching risk of greenhouse vegetable soils in Southeast China. Pedosphere, 31 (5): 683-693.

4. Kalkhajeh, Y. K; He, Z; Yang, X; Lu, Y; Zhou, J; Gao. H; Chao, M. (2021). Co-application of nitrogen and straw-decomposing microbial inoculant enhanced wheat straw decomposition and rice yield in a paddy soil. Journal of Agriculture and Food Research, 4: 100134.

5. Fan, T; Pan, D; Liu, Y; Ye, W; Lu, H; Kalkhajeh, Y. K. (2021). Accumulation and subcellular distribution of cadmium in ryegrass induced by Aspergillus niger TL-F2and Aspergillus flavus TL-F3. International Journal of Phytoremediation, 24 (3): 263-270.

6. Xu, G; Xu, W; Tian, S; Zheng, W; Tian, Y; Wu, Y; Xiong, Q; Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Gao, H. (2021). Enhanced phosphate removal from wastewater by recyclable fiber supported quaternary ammonium salts: Highlighting the role of the surface polarity. Chemical Engineering Journal, 416: 127889.

7. Wang, S; Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Qin, Z; Jiao, W. (2020). Spatial distribution and assessment of the human health risks of heavy metals in a retired petrochemical industrial area, South China. Environmental Research, 188: 109661.

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9. Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Sørensen, H.; Huang, B.; Guan, D. X.; Luo, J.; Hu, W.; Holm, P.E.; Hansen, H.C.B. (2018). DGT technique to assess P mobilization from greenhouse vegetable soils in China: A novel approach. Science of the Total Environment, 630: 331-339.

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12. Karakagh, R.M.; Chorom, M.; Motamedi, H.; Kalkhajeh, Y. K; Oustan, S. (2012). Biosorption of Cd and Ni by resistant bacteria isolated from agricultural soil treated with sewage sludge. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology, 12(3): 191-198