Waldo Arriagada

Education background

University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Ph.D. (doctorate) Applied Mathematics.

University of Chile, Chile.

M.Sc. and Diploma Civil Mathematical Engineer.

University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

BSc and engineering.

Courses teaching in WKU


Algebra for College Students

Foundations of Math


Dr. Waldo Arriagada is assistant professor of mathematics. He obtained his doctorate (mathematics) in  2010 by University of Montreal. During 2015-2021 he was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Khalifa University (UAE). He has held faculty positions at the University of The Bahamas (2013-2014) and Universidad Austral de Chile (2012). Waldo was postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary during 2010-2012. He has published some results on the problem of isochrony and the equivalence of germs of elliptic unfoldings under conjugacy. In November 2021, Waldo gained an International Academic Qualifications certification by World Educational Services (USA). He is member of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and in 2012 he was nominated Maître de Conférences by the French Government.

Research interests

His research interests include:

  • partial and ordinary differential equations
  • complex and holomorphic geometry

One aspect of these topics concerns the study of the geometrical methods involved in the characterization of the orbit space of a singular holomorphic (complex) foliation. It is known that this kind of foliations are sometimes uniquely defined by the germ of a self-map (the Poincare monodromy). The question whether the germ of the monodromy defines the analytic class of the real foliation under orbital equivalence follows naturally. These problems belong to the study of equilibria of parameter-dependent analytic dynamical systems (or unfoldings) and the identification of a complete set of invariants under analytical equivalence. The corresponding moduli space is dramatically huge, as already noticed by Il’Yashenko and his school in the 1980’s.

Selected publications


  1. “Characterization of the unfolding of a weak focus and modulus of analytic classification”, Papyrus, University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, December 2010.


  1. “Topological asymptotic linking number of solenoids embedded in the solid torus”, University of Chile, Santiago de Chile, December 2005.


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In preparation

  1. Arriagada W. and Huentutripay J. A classof φ-Laplacians with Caratheodory right-hand side.


  1. Arriagada W. and Hameed R. A note on Polarizations and the Gram matrix.