Kenneth D. King, 博士







客座教授,美国肯恩大学,教育领导学系 (2009年至今)

客座教授,圣伊丽莎白学院,教育领导学系 (2010年至2016年)

主管总监,助理总监和中心办公室主任的认证导师; 2009年至今 (NJASA认证:  2006年7月获得; 2015年2月更新)

新泽西学区教育顾问, 1980至今

人力资源服务部副部长 (1975年-1978年和1983年至2009年8月31日)


Responsible for the employment status of all personnel. Serves as the Superintendent’s representative in all matters related to the processing of grievances, whether the issue results in an informal resolution or is submitted to arbitration. Has had responsibility, at various times, for the District’s security program.

学校副校长 (1978年至1983年)

见习校务管理执行官 (1983年至1984年与1991年至1993年)

东奥兰治教育委员会首席谈判代表 (1979年至2005年)

新泽西州学校董事会协会谈判顾问 (1981年至2008年)

埃塞克斯地区教育服务委员会谈判顾问和人力资源顾问 (2000年)

东奥兰治学区人力资源服务顾问, 2013年至今

南平原教育委员会谈判顾问 (2006年至2007年)

新泽西州弗雷顿镇教育委员会谈判顾问 (2004年至2005年)

东奥兰治公立学校人事处处长 (1973年至1975年)

Performed essentially the same duties as above except for the fact that my office was not responsible for matters related to the employment status of custodians, maintenance workers, cafeteria workers and the District’s security program.

东奥兰治中学校长 (1972年至1973年)

Served as principal of a 500 pupil school for students in grades 5 – 8. The school was operated in a converted office building and featured an open-space instructional approach to teaching and learning.

东奥兰治市埃尔姆伍德小学校长 (1970年至1972年)

As Principal, was responsible for operating a 1,000 pupil school for children in grades k – 6. All classes were self-contained; however, teaching styles ranged from traditional to open. In addition, the school provided instructional services for four (4) classes of students with handicapping conditions


Consultant responsibility in this assignment involved the review and evaluation of proposals submitted for funding under the Emergency School Aid Act of 1982 (Title VII).  Consultants were responsible for applying certain quality criteria to all proposals and making recommendations to the applicant for the improvement of such proposals.


Responsibilities in this position were limited to teaching courses in the Business Department.  Area of specialization was teaching teachers to deal with special problems incident to instructing students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Responsible for assisting with the development of an innovative program in educational leadership. The program was designed for individuals not trained in education as undergraduates who were interested in becoming certified as public school administrators and who were interested in earning a doctorate degree.

新泽西州东奥兰治市学校总监行政助理 (1968年至1969年)

This position required the performance of any and all duties assigned by the Superintendent of Schools, most of which dealt with resolving conflicts within the educational community.

哥伦比亚大学教师学院出版社办公室经理 (1966年至1968年)

Responsibilities in this position included the supervision of an office staff of 23 and a shipping room staff of 13. Main function was to oversee the receipt, processing, billing, shipment and adjustment of all orders for books, supplies and testing materials developed by Teachers College Press.

东奥兰治高中商业科目教师 (1963年至1966年)

新泽西州纽瓦克Essex商学院 (1963年至1966年) 商业科目教师


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  • Phi Delta Kappa
  • American Association of School Administrators
  • American Association of School Personnel Administrators
  • New Jersey Association of School Administrators (President, 2008-09; Executive Committee, 2001-Present)
  • New Jersey Personnel Administrators’ Association, 1975-Present
  • New Jersey Council for Education (Executive Committee, 2010-Present)
  • Mid-Atlantic Association for Employment in Education (Treasurer & President)


  • Northern New Jersey Council, Boy Scouts of America, Executive Board Member; 1999 to Present; Council Commissioner, 2008 to 2010; Vice President for Endowment, 2012-present
  • Essex Council, Boy Scouts of America (Past President)
  • Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America, Executive Board Member (2005-Present)
  • Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America, Vice President, (2005 to 2008 & 2012-Present)
  • Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America, Regional Commissioner, 2016-2019
  • Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America, Area II Past President
  • Friends of the East Orange Public Library, Treasurer (1969 to1975)
  • Optimist Club of Orange—East Orange, Charter Member
  • Rotary Club of East Orange (1973 to 1976)
  • East Orange YMCA, Board of Managers (1998 to Present)
  • Metro YMCA of the Oranges, Executive Board Member,  (2010 – Present)
  • Metro YMCA of the Oranges, Executive Board Member (2001 to Present)
  • Essex County Teachers Federal Credit Union, Director (2001 to Present)
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer, 1981 to 1985


  • “Keepers of the Dream Award”, East Orange Education Association, 2012 & 2018
  • New Jersey Council of Education, Distinguished Educator Award, 2016
  • Northern New Jersey Council, Eagle Hall of Fame, 2016
  • East Orange Education Foundation Torchbearers’ Award (2011)
  • Distinguished Eagle Award, Boy Scouts of America, 2006
  • Eagle Scout Hall of Fame, Patriot’s Path Council, 2005
  • East Orange YMCA Minority Achiever of the Year, 1998
  • Silver Antelope Award, Boy Scouts of America, 1997
  • Whitney M. Young Service Award, Boy Scouts of America, 1980
  • Silver Beaver Award, Boy Scouts of America, 1975
  • District Merit Award, Essex Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1974
  • Professional Certificate of Merit, presented by Rider College, School of Education, 1977
  • Distinguished Service Award, Jersey City State College, 1987
  • Ralph J. Mele Distinguished Service Award, 1991
  • East Orange YMCA Minority Achiever of the Year, 1998
  • Outstanding Alumni Award, Rider College. 1975
  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges & Universities, “Outstanding Business Education Student,” Rider College, 1961
  • Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America, November 26,1956