Dale King

Education and training

Ph.D. Physiology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow, Gut Microbiology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow, Digestive Diseases, Queens University, Kingston, Canada

Visiting Scientist, Regenerative Neurobiology, Uppsala University, Upsala, Sweden

Courses teaching at WKU

Principles of Biology

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Biology of Food in Heath and Disease



Dale King is a faculty member in the Biology Department at Wenzhou Kean University. Prior to his appointment at WKU he taught Medical Physiology for 6 years to second year medical students at several Medical Schools in the Caribbean.

Research interests

The molecular involvement of the Eph receptors in abdominal pain.


Abdominal pain resulting from colonic inflammation, that occur in inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, is a major cause of morbidity for affected patients. Multiple mechanisms are known to contribute to the generation of pain including the sensitization of the peripheral nociceptive neurons (dorsal root ganglia) leading to hyperalgesia and allodynia. Members of the Ephrin family of receptor tyrosine kinases and ephrins, their membrane bound ligands, are involved in diverse physiological and pathological processes including pain, but the mechanisms involved have not been fully clarified. I use the mouse model of dextran sulphate sodium (DSS) colitis to decipher the molecular roles of EphB6 in pain transmission and perception.

Selected Publications

King D. EphB and ephrinB in pain signaling. Receptors and Clinical Investigation. 2014; 1:230-235.

King D. Acute DSS colitis alters EphB6 receptor expression in neurons of the spinal dorsal horn. Neuroscience Letters. 2014, 559:105-10

Kanaykina N, Abelson K, King D, Liakhovitskaia A, Schreiner S, Wegner M, Kozlova EN. In vitro and in vivo effects on neural crest stem cell differentiation by conditional activation of Runx1 short isoform and its effect on neuropathic pain behavior. Uppsala Journal of Medical Science. 2010, 115:56-64.

Olerud J, Kanaykina N, Vasilovska S, King D, Sandberg M, Jansson L, Kozlova EN. Neural crest stem cells increase beta cell proliferation and improve islet function in co-transplanted murine pancreatic islate. Diabetologia. 2009, 52(12):2594-601

King D, RJ MacLeod, and SJ Vanner. TNBS-colitis alters sodium voltage-gated channel mRNA expression in mouse DRG neurons. Neurogastroenterology and Motility. 2009 8:880