Carol S. Rubel, 博士







New York State – School District Administrator; School Administrator and Supervisor; Teacher of English (7-12); Speech (7-12); Reading (K-12); Elementary (K-6)

New York City – H. S. Principal; H. S. Asst. Principal- Supervision English; Grades 5-8 Principal; Grades 5-8 Asst. Principal; Curriculum Specialist; Funding Specialist; Reading Specialist

Nevada, – Administration, English, Reading, Elementary

New Jersey – Administration


Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society In Education Outstanding Counselor Award 2008                             

Kaplan University Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award 2007

Supervisor of the Year 1993 – Bronx High School Division


1991年至今 雷曼学院,客座讲师,纽约布朗克斯市

Graduate Courses in Department of Specialized Services in Education; Research in Special Education; course development: Gifted/Talented 4 courses for state certification

2010年至今 美国肯恩大学, 客座讲师(在线课程)教育管理与监督;SPED-特别版和咨询,新泽西州联盟镇

Graduate Courses: Organizational Theory; Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction; The Disabled Person in American Society; Language Arts/ Reading in the Preschool and Elementary Curriculum

2009年至2015年 内华达拉斯维加斯大学,教育学院,客座讲师, 内华达州拉斯维加斯市

Courses: Graduate TFA Student Teaching; Internship in Early Childhood Management Programs; Non-Licensure Student Teaching; Preschool Field Experience

2004年至2014年 卡普兰大学, 教育学研究生院(在线课程),佛罗里达州劳德代尔堡市


  • Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award 2007
  • Developed curriculum for: Teaching Exceptional Students in Inclusive Settings, Classroom Research Practice, Principles of Curriculum Design, Action Research, Classroom Management, Reading in the Content Area, Writing in the Content Area, Behavior Management
  • Course Instructor: Masters in Teaching and Learning and Masters in Education – various courses to include Curriculum; Inclusion; Classroom Management; Capstone Research
  • Developed and Implemented Profession Staff Development for instructors
  • Developed APA online program for students and presented APA conferences for instructors
  • Monitored Instructor performance- Mentor for Faculty and Students
  • Member of the Faculty Development Committee; Academic Appeals Committee, IRB

2008年至2014年 瓦尔登大学,客座讲师(在线课程),明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯市

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

  • Instructor for various Doctoral Education program courses
  • Chair and second member for doctoral candidates
  • Taskstream Reviewer (Mentor for At-Risk Students-Writing and APA)

2007年至2013年 工大大学,教育学研究院-客座讲师(在线课程),宾夕法尼亚州费城市

(Offices have since moved to CA) Course Instructor in Master’s and Doctoral Education Programs; Second Chair for Doctoral Dissertation Candidates

2009年至2010年 教师教育大学, 课程开发者和客座讲师 (在线课程),佛罗里达州温特帕克市

Graduate School of Education

Developed RED 626: Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties; Instructor for various teacher education courses

2002年至2005年 克拉克/杜兰哥高级中学 副校长,内华达州拉斯维加斯市

  • Directed budgets, business operations, and staff development
  • Instructed new teacher orientation and Professional Development Education.

1999年至2002年 NYACK联合免费学校区中学 副校长,纽约州奈克村

  • Managed test administration, programming, staffing, budgets, textbook selection
  • Developed 6-8 scope and sequence for English/Language Arts, Technology, Spanish/French and Social Studies and student orientation.
  • Conducted workshops: differentiated instruction, brain research, inclusion methodology, SAT preparation, college essay, content area reading.

1996年至1999年 布朗克斯科学高中-暑期班,纽约州布朗克斯区

1997年至2000年 梅西学院研究生教育系-客座讲师,纽约州布朗克斯区

Courses: Children’s Literature; Teaching Across the Curriculum; Elementary Language Arts; Philosophy of Education;

1991年至2002年 学术培训机构 – SAT and English/ Reading Tutoring Business  (Owner) Tutoring for SAT, English, Reading, and Writing,纽约州斯卡斯代尔镇

1991年至1999年 埃文德儿童高中, 纽约州布朗克斯区

Assistant Principal Public Personnel Services/ English

  • Created school policy, student service handbook, college adoption program.
  • Directed annual performance review.
  • Chaired English, ESL, Foreign Language departments for 3,500 students
  • Created school-wide reading/writing initiatives, advanced placement courses
  • Wrote grants, developed parenting skills, supervised debates.

1984年至1990年 纽约第10学区, 纽约州布朗克斯区

Jr. High School Communication Arts Coordinator – 12,000 students

  • Developed District Communication Arts Program –Aspects of Critical Thinking
  • Trained, supervised and evaluated performance trainers and teachers.
  • Coordinated district-wide debate program and wrote anthologies and books.

1972年至1984年 115初级中学 6-9年级阅读与英语教师,纽约州布朗克斯区                   

1969年至1972年 J. E. MANCH小学 6-9年级阅读与英语教师,内华达州拉斯维加斯市


Hudson Finds A Home (2012)


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  • Technology, Colleges, and Community (TCC) Worldwide Online Conference April 2010 (Research Study Article)


Reviewer, Journal on Excellence in College Teaching [2010-2014]


Phi Delta Kappa, ASCD, NASSP, ASCA, AACE

  • AACE ELearn 2013: “Student-Teacher Boundaries: Striking A Balance in the Online Learning Environment” October 23, 2013
  • EdMedia International Conference: “Cognitive Load and Online Learning -When Is Working Memory Capacity Exceeded?” June 27, 2013
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