Agnes Tang, 博士

  • 助理教授(终身教轨)、国际英语教学专业负责人

  • Office: GEH - A404
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Dr. Agnes Tang is an assistant professor in the MA TESOL program at Wenzhou-Kean University.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience working with a wide range of students. She started as an elementary school teacher, then went on to obtain a doctoral degree so she could teach future teachers. Her specialties are children’s literature, literacy education, and the learning and teaching of English language learners.

In addition to preparing local teachers, Dr. Tang is passionate about improving the quality of education elsewhere.  She worked with Caterpillar, Inc. from 2013-2017 bringing quality summer camps to serve migrant children in China.  She has also collaborated with the Ministry of Education in Suzhou New District and Heze City, Shandong Province, to provide professional development workshops to English teachers.


贝勒大学  课程与教学博士学位

贝勒大学  课程、教学与阅读指导硕士学位

波莫纳加州理工大学 社会工作学士学位



2018-2020 – Fulbright Senior Scholar in Taiwan, China.  Taught 100+ English Teaching Assistants in the Fulbright Student Program.

2019 – Tamkang University, Lanyang Campus, Taiwan, China.  Taught undergraduate class in the Department of English Language and Culture.

2013-2018 – Texas A&M University-Central Texas. Taught both undergraduate and graduate students in the teacher education program.

2008-2013 – Baylor University. Taught undergraduate graduate courses in the teacher education program.

2010-2012 – University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Taught TESL courses to international students. 


2002-2008 – Midway Independent School District, Texas. Taught third and fourth grade students.

1999-2001 – Stockton Unified School District, California.  Taught second and third grade students.


Summers of 2011-2017 – English Teacher Professional Development Workshops, Suzhou, China.

Summer of 2018 – English Teacher Professional Development Workshops, Heze, Shandong Province, China.







Tang, A. & Hwang, T. (2020). “Using picture books to develop critical thinking skills in young learners.” Presented at the Asia TEFL 2020 International Conference.

Tang, A. & Hwang, T. (2020). “Too cool for picture books? Introducing critical literacy to secondary school students.” Presented at the Asia TEFL 2020 International Conference.

Keynote Address, “Language teaching in the 2.0 Era” ICoLLiT (International Conference on Language, Literature and Teaching), Surakarta, Indonesia, April 2019.

Lecture, “Service learning: Preparing students for citizenship, work, and life”, Soochow University, Suzhou, China, October, 2017.

Lecture, “U.S. and China – Finding common ground in education”, Provost Lecture Series, Texas A&M University-Central Texas, Spring 2018.

Workshop, “Cross-cultural communications”, International Education Training Camp, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, China, October 2019.

Workshop, “Picture books for creative and critical thinking”, National Taiwan Normal University, June 2019.


Tang, A., Liou, R., & Griggs, B. (2018). Education for responsible future leaders: International experience and civic engagement. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 18(4), 79-89

Tang, A. & Scales T.L. (2014). Jewell in China, 1910-1914: Education of a missionary woman for school administration.  American Educational History Journal, 41(2), 251-267


National Council of Teachers of English

International Literacy Association

TESOL International Association



2018-2020, Fulbright Scholar, U.S. State Department

2017, VPRED-Research Innovation Grant, Texas A&M University-Central Texas

2017-2018, Service-Learning Fellow, Texas A&M University-Central Texas

2014, 2017, Distinguished Teacher, Showcase of Stars, Midway ISD Senior Class

2015, Finalist, Outstanding Graduate Faculty Service Award, Texas A&M University-Central Texas