Student Affairs Office complements the academic mission of the University by providing a campus environment that is conducive to learning, and places an emphasis on attending to the personal development, health and welfare of all students.


We aim to:

  1. Plan, prepare and review student related matters including financial aid program, student residence hall management, student code of conduct, mental health education, student groups and activities, student information system, etc.
  2. Perform student psychological assessment and counseling, provide consultation and education to campus constituencies regarding student concerns, actively participate in coordination of crisis response as necessary;
  3. Establish and improve policies, regulations and procedures of financial aid program, organize selection of scholarship and recruitment of student assistants;
  4. Implement Student Community to provide a safety and comfortable living environment and also a positive cultural environment;
  5. Coordinate campus-wide student conduct education including the adjudication of complaints of alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct and communicating Student Code of Conduct via various channels.
  6. Support the development of student clubs and organizations and also campus activities and community engagement.

Assistant Dean of Students: Zhu Haina