Request Accommodations

Students who seek support services from the Office of Accessibility Services must be registered Wenzhou-Kean University students with a current schedule. They are required to self-disclose their disability and submit current documentation to verify eligibility as defined under applicable law. To meet this requirement, documentation must be dated within the last one year and must address the present need for accommodations. This documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with a personal intake interview. Academic accommodations are designed to provide equal access to course content while maintaining the academic standards that are required in all classes. The University may deny an accommodation, academic adjustment or request for assistive technology if determined to be unreasonable, or if the modification fundamentally alters an academic program.

How to Apply

To request accommodations from The office of Accessibility Services:

  1. Complete and return an Intake Form.
  2. Submit your current Educational and Psychological Evaluations to the Office of Accessibility Services (evaluations may not be more than one year old).
  3. Have your doctor or therapist complete the Medical Verification Form, if applicable, for medical and/or mental health disabilities (available on the Accessibility Services website).
  4. Send a copy of your class schedule.
  5. Once you have sent the Office of Accessibility Services your paperwork, please call the Office of Accessibility Services at 55870153 to schedule an intake appointment. At that time, any reasonable accommodations that may be appropriate for your access to college classes will be discussed.
  6. Transfer students should include a copy of their Accommodation Letter from their previous institution.

Students requesting housing accommodations should submit a Medical Verification Form by June 1.

For quick access to our forms, please click on the links below:

Policies and Procedures

For a comprehensive guide to all of our policies, please click on the link below:

The Office of Accessibility Services Student Handbook for Policies and Procedures.