Institute of Asia Industry Competitiveness


To become the Asia’s leading Research Hub for Asia Industry Competitiveness, we will establish IAIS as an International Industry-Academia Collaboration Research.


It aims to build the intellectual leadership and business network for understanding and developing industry competitiveness in the Asia region.

Our mission is to advance academia, advise business leaders and policymakers, and develop practical and research-based frameworks in three broad areas:

  1. Market Research and Consumer Trends
  2. Business Model
  3. Business Strategy and Competitiveness

Core Strategies

  1. Advancement of original industry research and enhancing Wenzhou-Kean University’s research to the world;
  2. Promote international development of Wenzhou-Kean University by building strategic partnership with international and domestic companies in Asia;
  3. Awarding seed money and stipends to encourage innovative, high quality research and grant submissions in College of Business and Public Management;
  4. Sponsoring a business and industry speaker series and workshops;
  5. CBPM faculty and students to receive the assistance they need for developing and submitting grant proposals.


Director: Dr. Candy Lim Chiu, College of Business and Public Management.

Co-director: Dr. Han-Chiang Ho & Dr. Somkiat Mansumitrchai, College of Business and Public Management.

IAIC Key Performance


  • Over 3,000 students participated in IAIC activities

There are over 3,000 students who participated in IAIC activities, such as Management, Global Business and Marketing (MGM) day, and Hackathon competitions.

  • 17 Countries

IAIC encouraged students to present their academic works in 17 different countries, such as Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malta, Qatar, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, U.K., and the U.S.

  • 11 Companies

IAIC work with 11 companies, such as inm, Josiny, Jodoll, Semir, Hsafon, Tsingshan Holding Group, Chint, Rept, Weltmeister, Changjiang Automobile Electronic, and Xingji Electrical.

  • 33 Universities

IAIC students attended 33 university conferences, such as Kyoto University, Tokyo University of Science, Seoul National University, etc.

  • 85 Student volunteers

There was a total of 85 student volunteers involved in different IAIC activities.


  • One book with 12 book chapters: Darici, B., Ayhan, F., and Chiu, C. (2021), New Normal and New Rules about International Trade, Economics and Marketing. Berlin, Germany: Peter Lang.

(1) Exploring Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation of Using User-Generated Media in China: An Empirical Study on TikTok
Author: Lu Tang

(2) Exploring Young People’s Online Food Shopping Behavior during the COVID-19 Epidemic in China
Authors: Jiawei Feng and Han-Chiang Ho

(3) Influence of COVID-19 Outbreak on Changing Buying Behaviors: Chinese Consumer’s Growing Concerns over Food Safety
Authors: Jingxian Zhuang and Han-Chiang Ho

(4) Impact of the New Street Vendor Regulation on Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihood during COVID-19 in China
Author: Mingyi Chen

(5) Causes of Panic Buying and Food Hoarding during COVID-19
Authors: Jieyu Chen and Somkiat Mansumitrchai

(6) COVID-19’s Impact on Supply Chains in Shenzhen City, China: Policy Response and Opportunities for SMEs
Authors: Qingyun Fu and Somkiat Mansumitrchai

(7) The Impacts and Challenges in China’s Clothing Industry during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Authors: Xufeng Xu and Jason Lim Chiu

(8) The Impact of Epidemic Outbreak on Chinese Consumers Spending Behavior
Author: Siyang Zhang and Jason Lim Chiu

(9) Social Media Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparative Study of the United States and China
Author: Yating Zhong

(10) The Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on Zhejiang Province, China: Analysis of Mental Health, Government, and Socio-economic Issues
Author: Xu Xiayu

(11) Social Media Engagement: What Motivates Users’ Participation and Consumption on TikTok during the Coronavirus Outbreak?
Authors: Yuchen Dai and Candy Lim Chiu

(12) The Effect of the Specific Discount Pattern of Cosmetic Retailers in China during the COVID-19
Authors: Jingjing Zheng and Candy Lim Chiu

  • Two SSCI publications:

(1) Chiu, C. L., Ho, H.C., Yu, T., Liu, Y., & Mo, Y. (2021). Exploring information technology success of Augmented Reality Retail Applications in retail food chain. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 61(3), 102561.

(2) Ho, H.C, Chiu, C. L., Mansumitrchai S., Yuan, Z., Zhao, N., & Zou, J. (2021). The influence of signals on donation crowdfunding campaign success during COVID-19 Crisis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(14), 7715.

  • Six Journal publications

(1) Chiu, C. L., Wang, Q., Ho, H.C., Zhang, J., & Zhao, F. (2019). Metrosexual trend in facial care products: Analysis of factors that influence young Chinese men purchasing intention. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 10(4), 377-397.

(2) Chiu, C.L., Zhang, J., Li, M., Wei, S. Xu, S & Chai, X. (2020). A study of environmental disclosures practices in Chinese energy industry. AJSSR 5, 9.

(3) Huang, Z., Chiu, C.L., Mo, S., & Marjerison, R. (2018). The nature of crowdfunding in China: Initial evidence. Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 12 No. 3, 300-322.

(4) Ho, H. C., Chiu, C. L., Jiang, D., Shen, J.L., & Xu, H. (2019). Influence of language of packaging labels on consumers’ buying preferences. Journal of Food Products Marketing, 25(4), 435-461.

(5) J. Zhang, & Chiu, C. L. (2020). The impact of game censorship and regulations on foreign game consoles in China. 2020 13th CMI Conference on Cybersecurity and Privacy (CMI) – Digital Transformation – Potentials and Challenges (51275), 1-8.

(6) Zeng, M, & Chiu, C. L. (2021). The use of facial recognition for online business with the perspective of customer adoption. 2021 14th CMI International Conference – Critical ICT Infrastructures and Platforms (CMI), 1-7.

  • 226 International Conferences

IAIC students’ oral presentations at different international conferences.

  • 107 Students Participation Research Day

107 IAIC research students participated in student research day 2018-2022.


  • TWO best paper awards – 6 IAIC students won 2 best paper awards
  • Thirteen students won best oral presentation awards


  • In 2021, IAIC organized an international academic conference
  • Four WKU activities: A total of 1,203 students participated in IAIC activities,  MGM day activity, first and second Hackathon competition activities, and WKU Student Satisfaction survey.


  • Eleven Company Visits

Since 2018 IAIC has organized student company visits with 11 companies.

  • Twenty-three Student Workshops

IAIC organized 23 student workshops with 1,130 students participating.