Salman Yousaf, Ph.D.


PhD in Marketing Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, PR.C. 2012-2015

Masters in Business Administration Institute of Management Sciences, BZU, Multan. 2010-2012

BBA (Honors) in Marketing, Institute of Management Sciences, BZU, Multan. 2006-2010


Salman Yousaf is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at College of Business and Public Management. He is originally from Pakistan and has been previously affiliated with School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai in capacity of Postdoc where he received Young International Scientist Award (2017) by National Science Foundation of China. He has also served as an Assistant Professor at Institute of Banking and Finance, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.

Research Interest

Dr. Salman Yousaf’s research focuses on the co-subjectivity of the Marketing discipline, particularly the application of social concepts in the nation branding and destination marketing domains, and the contemporariness of religious beliefs and their practicability and relevance in the development of theoretical models of marketing and heritage/ ethnic tourism. His current research interest is socio-cultural placement of copysites and collective national heritage of partitioned nations in destination’s marketing. His research work has regularly appeared in prestigious international journals such as Tourism Management (CABS 4, Impact Factor 7.432) and Journal of Business Research (CABS 3, Impact Factor 4.028). He has served as a Principal Investigator in research projects funded by National Science Foundation of China (Project Code: 71172121) and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (62nd China Postdoctoral funding).

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Research Methods
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Strategic Marketing

Recent Publications

Yousaf, S. (2021). Travel burnout: Exploring the return journeys of pilgrim-tourists amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism Management, 84,104285. (SSCI, ABDC- ranked A*, CABS- level 4, Impact Factor: 7.432)

Yousaf, S., & Fan, X. (2020). Copysites/duplitectures as tourist attractions: An exploratory study on experiences of Chinese tourists at replicas of foreign architectural landmarks in China. Tourism Management, 81, 104179. (SSCI, ABDC- ranked A*, CABS- level 4, Impact Factor 7.432)

Yousaf, S., & Xiucheng, F. (2018). Halal culinary and tourism marketing strategies on government websites: A preliminary analysis. Tourism Management, 68, 423-443. (SSCI, ABDC- ranked A*, CABS-level 4, Impact Factor 7.432)

Yousaf, S., & Xiucheng, F. (2018). Humanizing stigmatized places: Inter-group contact and attitude change toward Pakistan and Iran in the ‘humans of New York’facebook space. Journal of Business Research, 116, 666-679. (SSCI, ABDC-A ranked, CABS-level 3, Impact Factor: 4.028)

Yousaf, S., Razzaq, A., & Fan, X. (2021). Understanding tourists’ motivations to launch a boycott on social media: A case study of the# BoycottMurree campaign in Pakistan. Journal of Vacation Marketing, DOI: (SSCI, ABDC-A ranked, CABS-level 1, Impact Factor: 1.940)

Tauni, M. Z., Yousaf, S., & Ahsan, T. (2020). Investor-advisor Big Five personality similarity and stock trading performance. Journal of Business Research, 109, 49-63. (SSCI, ABDC-A ranked, CABS-level 3, Impact Factor: 4.028)

Yousaf, S., Tauni, M. Z., & Xiucheng, F. (2020). Migration intentions: a sign of a weak nation brand? A multi-group analysis between China and Pakistan. Journal of Product & Brand Management. (SSCI, ABDC-A ranked, CABS-level 1, Impact Factor: 1.832)

Yousaf, S., Fan, X., & Laber, F. (2020). Branding China through the internationalization of higher education sector: an international students’ perspective from China. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 1-19. (SSCI, ABDC-B ranked, CABS- level 1, Impact Factor: 2.375)