George Chang, Ph.D.

  • Dean of the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences/Professor of Computer Science

  • Kean University


  • Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science, 2001
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, N.J.
    Advisors: Drs. Jason Wang and James McHugh
  • Master of Science in Computer and Information Science, 1995
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, N.J.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1994
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 1994
    State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, N.Y.

Professional Experience

09/11 – present Dean/College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences, Kean University.

  • Managing three schools, two departments, eight academic disciplines, three externally funded programs, over seventy faculty/staff, six instructional sites and more than twenty four hundred students.
  • Preparing and administering the annual budget for the college.
  • Enhancing learning, teaching and research environments for faculty and students by providing both tangible and intangible supports.
  • Supporting innovation in teaching, e.g., using tablets initiative in chemistry program.
  • Spearheading the big deta analytics program initiative by working with the Mathematics faculty to establish analytics core curriculum.
  • Participating in the NJ Big Data Alliance Meetings to develop shared education, technology and research programs aimed at boosting the economic competitiveness of NJ in era of Big Data.
  • Collaborating with the Graduate Dean on creating DPT and PA programs.
  • Working with ED/Chair/Staff to improve program offerings and college image by developing program brochures, a new college website and curriculum revisions.
  • Initiating global research collaboration by sending faculty to CCNU and Wenzhou University in China.
  • Implementing the reorganization of the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences.
  • Overseeing College-wide assessment efforts for Middle States accreditation and program level accreditations.
  • Participating in grant writing, e.g., funded $53.8M NJ Building Our Future Bond Act.
  • Redefining college vision and mission statements.
  • Supervising recruitment and evaluation of faculty and professional staff.
  • Participating in student recruitment and academic events.
  • Working with Wenzhou-Kean team to offer science programs in China, with responsibilities including faculty recruitment, curriculum development, teaching facility evaluation and implementation, science laboratory planning, and IT infrastructure planning.

07/08 – 08/11 Chairperson/Department of Computer Science, Kean University.

  • Participated as a Member of the Middle States Accreditation Working Group 7. Responsible for Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning report, 2010-2011.
  • Oversaw the transformation of the M.S. in Management Information Systems program to the M.S. in Computer Information Systems in May, 2011 with updated curriculum.
  • Transformed B.S. in Telecommunication and Information Technology to B.S. in Information Technology in May, 2009 with updated curriculum.
  • Designed and implemented a new website for the department.
  • Worked on the creation of three brochures used for recruitment.
  • Served on the Computer Science Advisory Board for Essex and Ocean County Colleges.
  • Performed all administrative duties pertaining to the department.

07/07 – 06/08 Coordinator/Telecommunication and Information Technology Program, Dept. of Computer Science, Kean University

  • Initiated the transformation of B.S. in Telecommunication and Information Technology into B.S. in Information Technology.
  • Provided leadership and transition for students who were in two programs being phased out: B.S. in Electronics and B.S. in Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing.

09/09 – present Professor of Computer Science, Kean University, Union, N.J.

09/05 – 08/09 Associate Professor of Computer Science, Kean University, Union, N.J.

09/99 – 06/05 Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Kean University, Union, N.J.

  • Conducted and supervised student research and software development in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, and Software Systems.
  • Awarded NSF MRI-R2: Acquisition of hardware for data visualization and exploratory analysis with D. Joiner and P. Morreale, Proposal No. 095904, $593,000.00, 2010-2013.
  • Awarded NSF DUE: Project ASK: Applying Student Knowledge for Success in Computer Science, with P. Morreale, Proposal No. 0804664, $584,875.00, 2008-2013.
  • Awarded NSF MRI: Acquisition of Computing Equipment to Enhance Computational Science Research at Kean University, with D. Joiner, Proposal No. 0722790, $420,000.00, 2007-2009.
  • Chair of the Computational Science Group and Director of High-Performance Computational Laboratory (, 2007-2010.
  • Visiting Researcher at the Center for Applied Genomics at the International Center for Public Health (ICPH). Designed and implemented an Online Microarry Analysis System. 2002-2003.
  • Inducted into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi ( in January 2003.
  • Coached Kean’s programming teams for the ACM Regional Programming Contest 2000-2004.
  • Taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in Databases, Data Structures and Programming Techniques in Java and C++, and Special Topics.
  • Developed fourteen new courses and revised over ten courses in computer science.
  • Served as a reviewer for many conference and journal papers.
  • Served on various committees at departmental, college and university levels.

09/06 – 06/07 Software Engineering Consultant, MobileAware Inc. Cranbury, N.J.

  • Designed, implemented and maintained Automated Build Procedure for all products.

05/00 – 11/01 Mobile/Wireless Computing Consultant, Mobilocity, Inc. New York. N.Y.

  • Designed and Implemented Voice Application Framework using Java Design Patterns.
  • Implemented Voice Alert System for Bookspan.
  • Integrated Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Jboss, WebLogic, OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, mod_ssl, mod_php, mod_perl, CVS, and Kerberos into Enterprise Mobile/Wireless Computing Backend Infrastructure at Mobilocity.

01/95 – 08/99 Research Assistant, Knowledge and Data Engineering Lab., NJIT CIS Dept., Newark, N.J.

  • Designed & implemented a Web-based Approximate Querying System using Java, C, and Perl.
  • Designed Web-based Approximate Query Language.
  • Ported Structural Document Comparison Tool to PREDATOR (an ORDBMS).
  • Designed & implemented Structural Document Comparison Tool using Tcl/Tk and C.
  • Designed & implemented Document Query Language using Lex/Yacc and C.
  • Designed & implemented Pattern Matching and Discovery Visual Toolkit for genome data using Tcl/Tk and C.
  • Supervised fourteen Master’s Projects.
  • Research Assistantship, from NSF grants IRI-9224602 and IRI-9531548, every summer 1995-1998.

09/95 – 08/99 Special Lecturer (1/99- 8/99) NJIT CIS Dept., Newark, N.J. / Teaching Assistant (9/95- 12/98) NJIT CIS Dept., Newark, N.J.

Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • CIS631 – Graduate Course in Database Management Systems Design (Summer 98/99).
  • CIS431 – Introduction to Database Systems (S97/F97).
  • CIS333 – UNIX Operating System Internals and Programming (F98/S99).
  • CIS114 Honors – Introduction to Data Structures (S98).
  • CIS104/106 – Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (F95/S96).

01/94 – 05/94 Teaching Assistant, NYIT Computer Science Dept., Westbury, N.Y.

  • Directed programming lab sessions for an undergraduate programming class.
  • Provided consultation in C++ programming language and data structures.

06/89 – 08/89 Research Assistant, University of Georgia, Entomology Dept., Athens, G.A.

  • Analyzed the surface lipids of social wasps (Polistes metricus) and their nests using HP GC/MS.
  • Analyzed the relationship between wasp nestmates and their nest using SPSS.
  • Performed bioassay on social wasps.

Authored Book

  • “Mining the World Wide Web: An Information Search Approach,” G. Chang, M.J. Healey, J. McHugh and J.T.L. Wang. Kluwer Academic Publishers, June 2001, ISBN: 0-7923-7349-9. Japanese Translation: Kyoritsu Publisher, January 2004, ISBN: 4-320-12087-6.

Paper Publications

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Research Interests

Virtual and Augmented Reality, Data/Web Mining, BioInformatics Systems, and High-Performance Computing.