Chungil Chae (Chad), Ph.D.


Ph.D., Dual title degree in Workforce Education & Development and Comparative and International Education, Pennsylvania State University, August 2018.
M.S., Human Resource Development, College of Engineering, Indiana State University, December 2010.
B.A., College of Business, Chung-Ang University, August 2004.


Through a degree program at Pennsylvania State University and an experience in applied cognitive science labs as a post-doctoral scholar, Prof. Chungil Chae has developed a wide range of competency in data analytics and techniques. He is familiar with diverse analytic methods from traditional multivariate statistics, experimental design, analysis, and qualitative data analysis to advanced data analysis techniques. For the thematic area, Dr. Chae is interested in HR/People analytics, leadership development, team dynamics, learning interventions, and assessment and team processes. He also had diverse learning opportunities for utilizing newly emerging analytical techniques such as social network analysis, text mining (especially subject modeling and semantic analysis), and machine learning (classification and predictive model).

Course Taught

  • MGS2030 (Principle of Management)
  • MGS3001 (Python Programming for Business)

Selected Publications

Chae, C., Yim, J. H., Lee, J., Jo, S. J., & Oh, J. R. (2020). The Bibliometric Keywords Network Analysis of Human Resource Management Research Trends: The Case of Human Resource Management Journals in South Korea. Sustainability, 12(14), 5700.

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Han, S, Chae, C., & Passmore, D. L. (2019) Social network analysis and social capital in human resource development research: A practical introduction to R use. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 30(2), 219-243. doi:10.1002/hrdq.21341

Han, S., Yoon, D., Suh, B., Li, B., & Chae, C. (2019). Organizational support on knowledge sharing: a moderated mediation model of job characteristics and organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Knowledge Management, 23(4), 687-704. doi:10.1108/JKM-03-2018-0213