Artem M. Joukov, Ph.D.


University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX
Ph.D. in Management Science, Finance Concentration Aug. 2021–May 2023
Master of Science in Finance Aug. 2022–Dec. 2022

University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Master of Science in Business Research Aug. 2018–May 2021
LL.M in International Business and Economic Law (with Business Law Certificate) Jan. 2021–Dec. 2021

Florida State University Tallahassee, FL
Master of Business Administration (Specialization in Finance) Aug. 2016–Aug. 2018

University of Alabama School of Law Tuscaloosa, AL
Juris Doctor Aug. 2012–Dec. 2014

Birmingham-Southern College Birmingham, AL
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and History, with Honors (Minor: Philosophy) Aug. 2009–May 2012


Dr. Artem M. Joukov was born in Saint Petersburg, U.S.S.R. in 1990 and moved to the United States in 2000. Before becoming an academic, Dr. Joukov completed his education as a lawyer and practiced as an attorney in the United States. During his time in law school, he served on the University of Alabama Law Review, Trial Advocacy Team, Moot Court Board, and Criminal Procedure Moot Court Team, joining the Order of the Barrister. He was a finalist in the school’s internal moot court competition and earned the top trial advocacy scholarship awarded at the University of Alabama. When competing on behalf of UA Law, Dr. Joukov earned the top award in the National Criminal Moot Court Competition (the highest placement in his law school’s history). He also earned the Order of the Samaritan, the highest public service award granted by the UA Public Interest Institute. Dr. Joukov’s research is at the intersection of law, economics, and finance. He focuses on the importance of property rights to a robust economy and articulates the economic and financial damage associated with their diminution. His most recent papers have focused on shareholder rights, trade rights, and property owners’ rights in residential real estate. Dr. Joukov’s legal articles have been quoted and cited favorably by the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the Appellate Court of Connecticut. He has presented several of his works in finance at various conferences on finance and economics. Dr. Joukov began his legal career as a civil defense attorney. He then served as a prosecutor for the State of Alabama and the State of Florida before becoming a senior attorney and arbitrator for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. He currently serves as a JAG officer in the United States Army Reserve.

Select Publications


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“Your land is my land: Civil conquest, asset protection, and real estate value,” presentation at FMA (2022); World Finance Conference (2022); World Finance Banking Symposium (2022), forthcoming.

“Mental Health and the Constitution: How Incarceration Might Pave the Way to Treatment,” presentation at the 13th annual Health Law symposium at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, November 15, 2019.