Andrea Gatto, Ph.D.


PhD/European Doctorate in Economics, Statistics & Sustainability, University Parthenope of Naples, IT; CREATES – Aarhus University, DK; CalPoly, US (hosting)

MA in Development Economics (II level, Postgraduate) European, University Tor Vergata of Rome, IT

Master in EU Studies, University of Bari, IT; Vistula University, PL

MSc in Economics (Summa Cum Laude – 110/110, lode, menzione, pubblicazione), University Federico II of Naples, IT

BSc in Economics & Law, University Federico II of Naples, IT


Prof. Andrea Gatto is Senior Assistant Professor (with tenure) in Economics at CBPM (AACSB accredited), Wenzhou-Kean University (US-China). He is Visiting Researcher at Anhui University of Finance & Economics (AUFE). Dr. Gatto has got a publication record in international peer-reviewed journals – including Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Journal of Cleaner Production, Resources, Conservation & Recycling, Ecological Economics, Energy Policy and Business Strategy & the Environment. Dr. Gatto has been listed among the top 2% of World Scientists by Stanford University.

An economic and business consultant for firms and expert for international development, environmental, energy and food organisations and agencies, Andrea is President of the CED – Center for Economic Development & Social Change and is Deputy Director and Fellow at the Centre for Studies on the European Economy at UNEC. Andrea sits on several highly-ranked SCI/WoS/Scopus Q1 international peer-reviewed journals’ editorial boards and has been awarded as the best reviewer.

He has conducted fieldwork and worked for longer appointments in twelve countries worldwide, including positions for the European Commission, CalPoly (US), CREATES – Aarhus University (DK), the NCH at Northeastern University (US) and the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), the University of Greenwich (UK). He is fluent in Italian, English, French, and Portuguese, and speaks some Spanish.

Research Interests

  • Development Economics and Sustainability Studies
  • Agriculture, Energy and Resource Policy and Regulation
  • Composite Indicators
  • Business Cycles Analysis and Law & Economics
  • Vulnerability and Resilience
  • Long-run Economic History and Archival Research
  • Microfinance
  • Fieldwork and mixed methods

Teaching Portfolio

Development Economics; International Development; Data Collection & Research Design; Microeconomics (Introductory and Intermediate); Macroeconomics; Introduction to Economics; Economic Analysis of Projects; Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Economic Development; Law & Economics; Environmental Law; Public (Economic) Law; Theory and Regulation of Finance; Business Governance and Ethics/CSR; Business Direction & Strategy; Economic History; Economic History of Developing Countries.

Prof. Gatto is now teaching 8 courses at WKU:

  • ECON3021 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ECON3020 Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • ECON3100 Economic Development

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Q1, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS Journals

Morrow N, Mock N, Gatto A*, Colantoni A, Salvati L. Farm forests, seasonal hunger, and biomass poverty: Evidence of induced intensification from panel data in the Ethiopian Highlands. Ambio. (Q1, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS, Springer, IF 6.7, H 141.)

Sadik-Zada E. R., Gatto, A.*, Weißnicht, Y. Back to the Future: Revisiting the Perspectives on Nuclear Fusion and Juxtaposition to Existing Energy Sources. Energy.  (Q1, ABS 2, ABDC B, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS, Elsevier, IF 8.5, H 232.)

Gatto, A.*, Drago, C., Panarello, D., Aldieri, L. Energy transition in China: Assessing progress in sustainable development and resilience directions. International Economics, 2023.  (Q1, Scopus, Elsevier, IF 3.7, H 30.)

Gatto A.*, Sadik-Zada E. R. People have the power. Electricity production, renewable energy transition and communities empowerment across 11 Nordic-Baltic countries. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023.  (Q1, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS, Springer, IF 5.0, H 154)

Sadik-Zada E. R., Gatto A.*^, Soldatshoeva N. Electrification of Mountain Rural Areas, Energy Poverty, and Socioeconomic Development: The Case Study of the Hydropower Project in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. Electricity Journal, 2023.  (Q1, Scopus, Elsevier, IF 2.6, H 54.)

Other Peer-reviewed Scopus/ISI-indexed Journals

Gatto A.*, Rusciano, V. Industrial policy, financing of innovation and the developmental state: Insights from the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Transformations in Business and Economics, 2023. (Q2, ABDC C, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS, VUP, IF 1.8, H 26.)

Gatto A*. Can renewable energy microfinance promote financial inclusion and empower the vulnerable?. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 2023.  (Q3, Scopus, Inderscience, IF 1.3, H 21.)

Briguglio, M., Cayli Messina, B., Gard, R., Gatto, A.*, Aitken Schermer, J., Shahzad, U., Webster, L., Zhao, J. A new team and vision of the international social science journal, International Social Science Journal.  (Q2, ABDC C, Scopus, Wiley, IF 0.9, H 48.)

Sadik-Zada ER, Gatto, A.*^, Niftiyev I. E-government and petty corruption in public sector service delivery. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. 2022 Apr 28:1-7. (Q2, ABS 2, ABDC B, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS, Wiley, IF 4.3, H 78.)

Morrow N., Mock N. B., Gatto A.*, LeMense J., Hudson M. Protective Pathways: Connecting Environmental and Human Security at Local and Landscape Level with NLP and Geospatial Analysis of a Novel Database of 1500 Project Evaluations. Land 2022, 11(1), 123. (Q2, Scopus, SSCI/SCIE, WoS, MDPI, IF 4.0, H 42.)

Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

Sadik-Zada, R. E., Gatto, A.*, Mammadli, M. Addressing the Nexus between Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution in a Small Petroleum-Exporting Transition Economy. Economic Growth and Environmental Quality in a Post-Pandemic World, Routledge, 1st Edition, 2023.

Sadik-Zada, E. R., Gatto A*. Vulnerability to Urban Heat Islands Effect in the Global North and Global South: A Perspective on the Drivers and Mitigation Strategies (pp. 29-45). 2022. Elsevier.

Sadik-Zada, E. R., Gatto, A.*^, Blick, N. (2022). Rural Electrification and Transition to Clean Cooking: The Case Study of Kanyegaramire and Kyamugarura Solar Mini-Grid Energy Cooperatives in the Kyenjojo District of Uganda. Sustainable Policies and Sustainable Practices in Energy, Environment and Health Research: Addressing Cross-Cutting Issues. Springer.

Gatto A*, Sadik-Zada E R. Power grids implementation as a resilience policy to foster local communities empowerment. Accepted for a Springer book.

Gatto A.*, Sadik-Zada E.R. Revisiting the East Asian Financial Crises: Lessons from Ethics and Development Patterns. In: Shahbaz M., Soliman A., Ullah S. (eds). Economic Growth and Financial Development. 2021. Springer, Cham.

Other Peer-reviewed Indexed Journals

Gatto A.*, Mammadli M., Sadik-Zada E. R., Rusciano, R. CSR, regulation, and market abuse: a note on the US Western power crisis. Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society, 2022. 14 (1), 58-65 ISSN 2821 – 5672.

Gatto A*. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele as a case study of traditional speciality guaranteed and international franchising. Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce Journal, 2019.

Gatto A*. Politica monetaria e vigilanza bancaria. Storia e regolamentazione delle policy in UE, Rivista Bancaria – Minerva Bancaria n. 1/2019. ISSN: 1594-7556

Melo Petters M, Gatto A*. Água como Bem Comum no Quadro da Governança Democrática: algumas Reflexões Críticas a Partir das Bases da Economia Ecológica e Sobre a Necessidade de Um Novo Direito Público. Novos Estudos Jurídicos (CAPES; LATINDEX; Base de dados da Rede Virtual de Bibliotecas Congresso Nacional – RVBI; IBICT; CrossRef – Digital Object Identifier Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation; vLex e Google Scholar – ISSN: 2175-0491). 2014 Apr 1;19(1):95-121