Almuth D. Merkel, Ph.D.


PhD., Intl. Conflict Management with a concentration in Economic Analysis of Conflict and Data Management and Analytics, Kennesaw State University, 2018-2021

M.Sc., Food and Agribusiness, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, 2015-2017

B.Sc., Ecotrophology, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, 2011-2015


Almuth D. Merkel received her PhD with a Data Management and Analytics and Economic Analysis of Conflict Concentration in Intl. Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University. She wrote her dissertation on the social market economy as a formula for peace, prosperity, and sustainability and developed a web-based application that allows a user to assess and compare social market economic performances across countries and to simulate the effect of changes in social market economic policies with respect to indicators of peace, ecological sustainability, and income.

Research Interest

Her research focuses on the analysis of the causes and consequences of unequal economic development and the concept of the social market economy. Her research is applied in nature and data-driven, including economic impact studies and public policy simulations. She has a special interest in the use of information technologies to bridge the gap between academic research and informed public policy and debate.

Selected Publications

Merkel, A. D. (2021). The Social Market Economy as a Formula for Peace, Prosperity, and Sustainability. Digital Commons Kennesaw State University.

Marktanner, M., Merkel, A. D. (accepted for publication 2021). From Conflict to Empty Stomachs, Empty Classrooms, and Empty Wallets. Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies

Marktanner, M., Merkel, A. D., & Noiset, L. (2019). Economic issues in international conflict management. In Understanding International Conflict Management (pp. 187-202). Routledge.

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Marktanner, M., & Merkel, A. (2019). Conflict and aid dependency–an explorative study motivated by the case of Palestine. Journal of Development Effectiveness, 11(3), 253-272.

Marktanner, M., & Merkel, A. (2019). Hunger and Anger in Autocracies and Democracies. International Journal of Development and Conflict, 9(1), 1-18.

Jenkins, D., Marktanner, M., Merkel, A. D., & Sedik, D. (2018). Estimating child mortality attributable to war in Yemen. International Journal of Development Issues.