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“Ni He!” WKUers volunteered to join Hongri Pavilion’s mooncake distribution activity

“Linglingling~~”At 6:00am on September 10, The alarm bell on Peter Foley’s bedside rang. He quickly got up, washed and got changed. Not as usual, Starting out from home, He came to Wenzhou’s charity organization ——Hongri Pavilion on Huancheng R

Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) Returned Overseas Chinese Federation & Overseas Students and Family Association is Established

Today marks a traditional Chinese festival, Dongzhi Festival, and we are glad to have good news: WKU Returned Overseas Chinese Federation & Overseas Students and Family Association (the Federation and Association) is established. At the founding

Faculty and international exchange students visit Wenzhou University Hair Embroidery Research Institute

On the afternoon of October 15th, 2017, Wenzhou-Kean University Network Culture Communication Center went with Wenzhou-Kean University professors, international exchange students and Dalton Primary School professors to Wenzhou University to visit th

Wenzhou-Kean University New Staff Orientation Meeting

On the morning of 3rd August, WKU held a new staff orientation meeting in order to help new staff adapt the new environment quickly and be familiar with their job positions. The number of staff recruitment reached the highest in WKU’s history. There

WKU Faculty Visit Anfu Temple—A Traditional Chinese Cultural Experience

Thirteen WKU faculty members visited Anfu Temple to experience traditional Culture on December 12, on a trip sponsored by WKU Office of Human Resources.          Anfu Temple is situated at Tiansheng Mountain, in Wencheng County, Wenzhou. It is said t

Excursion to Celebrate the Women’s Day

On March 8th, to celebrate the Women’s Day, WKU’s labor union organized an excursion to Tongpu, Rui’an. Nearly 40 people joined in this activity including WKU staff and their children and faculty members. Mr. Wang Beijiao, Secretary of University CPC

2015 Fall Semester Teacher Orientation

On Sep 9, the Fall 2015 faculty orientation organized by the Human Resources department, with cooperation by other relevant departments, ended after a 13-day process. The orientation started on August 27, with the intention to help new faculty member

Wenzhou Expats 2016 New Year Reception

On Dec. 29th, the 2016 New Year Reception for Expatriates in Wenzhou was held at the Sheraton Hotel. The reception was spons