EndNote20 beginner workshop

EndNote is a powerful document management tool that helps scholars easily manage and format citations, enhancing productivity. It dramatically simplifies the academic writing process and can bring a whole new level of convenience and efficiency to ou

Launch | WKU Library Logo

Student Learning and Activity Center In the spring of 2023, the Wenzhou-Kean University Student Learning and Activity Center was completed and put into use. Subsequently, the Wenzhou-Kean University Library also moved into the Student Learning and A

Innovation of CSMAR database and empirical research online lecture

CSMAR database is the first domestic economic and financial database developed by Shenzhen CSMAR Data Technology Co., Ltd. based on the needs of academic research drawing from the University of Chicago CRSP, S&P Compustat, TAQ, ISDA Thomson, GSI

Book Recommendation | New Arrival #3

《馋:贪吃的历史》/ Florent Quellier Call Number:BV 4627 .G5 Q45 2022 CN Lam Chua, a well-known food critic, once said that indulging

Lakefront Library Event | Announcement of Photography Competition Results

The lakeside is filled with the fragrance of books, and the library is adorned with light and shadows. Since the commencement of the Library Photography Competition, it has received an enthusiastic response from all WKUers. Thanks to every photograph

Introduction to English academic book publishing

Whether you’re a student interested in academic writing or a professor with a wealth of knowledge, there should always be curiosity and questions in the field of academic book publishing. In this lecture, we will explore the mysteries of book w

The Result of The Business Expert Press eBooks Reading and Retrieving Contest

The Business Expert Press eBooks Reading and Retrieving Contest co-organized by the WKU Library and iGroup ended on Oct.  31st, 2023. Congratulations to all winners! The Keep Jumper has been run out of stock, so the third prize would be fragrance sti

Lakefront Library Event | Photography Competition Online Voting Starts

People will see light and shadow shuttle around different scenes every time, from dawn to dusk. Light gives existence to shadow and shadow endows light with life. In the twinkling of an eye, light and shadow are fleeting. Yet the lens captures the p

EBSCO Online Workshop

EBSCOhost is an online research platform with quality databases and search features. The WKU Library subscribes to three e-resources on this platform, including Art & Architecture Source, Econlit with full text, and EBSCO DDA (Demand-Driven Acqui

Lakefront Library Event | Photography Competition is Here!

When the central lake shines with the lights of a brilliantly lit SLAC, the contrast between the dim lake surface and the bright architecture creates a fascinating spectacle. When the autumn sunlight filters through the clouds and falls on neatly arr