Student Growth of CST

WKUers Clinch National Third Prize in the CULSC

The 8th China University Life Sciences Competition has drawn to an end. The team instructed by Prof. Bo Zhang and Ms. Xuan Zhou of the CSMT of WKU won the national third prize and provincial second prize in Zhejiang with their research project titled

Latest Release! Dr. Aloysius Wong's Team Publishes an Article in Nature Plants

Recently, Professor Aloysius Wong and colleagues from the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology, published two articles at authoritative journals with impact factor 18 and 27.5, respectively. Here, he briefly describes the content of the

Qiu Hailu: Programming, Dancing, Competitions... The Life in and out of the Classroom of the Atypical Engineering Girl

Can studies and hobbies be balanced at the same time? Qiu Hailu, a student majoring in computer science, gives us the best answer. As the winner of the Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship, Vice President of the Science and Technology Associati

Liu Xiangyi: Great Efforts and Passion for Academic Research

Liu Xiangyi has received offers from prestigious universities including Columbia University, New York University, and Johns Hopkins University. She is also the recipient of Zhejiang Government Scholarship, Research Scholarship, and Dean’s First-C

Lu Changjie: A Dream Chaser Who Gets Two Offers Going from a Bachelor’s to a Ph.D. Program with Full Scholarship

Lu Changjie, a senior student from the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology of WKU, is the first Mathematics student to get offers that allow him to pursue a Ph.D. with full scholarship with only a bachelor’s degree. He has the opportun

Lu Yining: Academic Excellence (GRE330 + 4/TOEFL 104/GPA 3.89/0.17% Finalists of MCM/ICM) Inspires Him to Pursue Further Study

Lu Yining, a student majoring in Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option), has received offers from Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University for his academic success at WKU (GRE330+4/TOEFL 104/GPA 3.89). He was even nominated as the O

Dou Wanying: Another Offer from Harvard! From WKU Computer Science to Harvard Bioinformatics, What Is Her Secret?

It was only the beginning of spring when Dou Wanying, a senior student from Wenzhou-Kean University, received olive branches holding out from five of the world’s top universities in quick succession. Born in Henan Province, Dou came to WKU

Xie Hang: The Road from "0" to "1"

Xie hang described his April as “A lottery ticket finally was scratched off”. This senior student majoring in Computer Science and Technology in WKU finally received four offers from three famous American universities, including Carnegie

Meng Xiujie: Being Down to Earth

Major: Computer Science Future: Gap Year “Step by step”is what Meng Xiujie used to say. He finished all the courses with only seven semesters. In less than three years learning in computer science, he sought out the direction of his heart and put h

Mao Yuanqi: Find Your Way and Keep Moving

Major:Computer Science Future:Master of Public Policy Analysis in the University of Chicago Mao Yuanqi still remembered what his high school teacher said, “You will not be stressful when you enter the college.” When he came to WKU, he was confused