Non-Chinese speakers can now enjoy takeout! WKU students build the first Bilingual e-commerce platform in Wenzhou, winning the Young Entrepreneur Award

Normally bread is a necessity of life, but for now, the young generation may believe takeout is a necessity of life. WKU inte

Beyond the mountains and alongside WKU sits “Utopia”.

September 4, 2017 By the university’s gates opened a “Utopia”. Utopia Is a western restaurant. This name Is a name given by a

“Smart”Creation made by WKU | First national patent of WKU is inspired by……

The idea of magic tool that can hang four tops and two bottoms at the same time came from our dorm. Chen Zhilong, a senior student majoring in international finance, and Gao Ying, a graduate of 2017, got their national utility patent this March with