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Discovering the Power of Economics: A Global Journey Towards Prosperity and Sustainability

(Interview with Dr. Almuth D. Merkel, Economics, College of Business and Public Management at Wenzhou-Kean University) In the eyes of Dr. Almuth D. Merkel, the world is multidimensional and there is always something to explore on our journey ahead

Making friends with fungi, he has been insisting on this for 17 years…

Wandering in the forest, you may notice fungi of all shapes and colors. Besides the thought that fungi (mushrooms) are poisonous, did you know they can also be used in drug discovery and cancer treatment? Dr. Heriberto Vélëz (Eddy) from the College

Latest Release! Dr. Aloysius Wong's Team Publishes an Article in Nature Plants

Recently, Professor Aloysius Wong and colleagues from the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology, published two articles at authoritative journals with impact factor 18 and 27.5, respectively. Here, he briefly describes the content of the

Interview with Dr. James McDougall, English, College of Liberal Arts at Wenzhou-Kean University

Dr. James McDougall is an associate professor of the English department at Wenzhou-Kean University. He has published numer

Dr. Imran Yousaf Ranks 1st in China for Finance/Business Research

We are thrilled to share that Dr. Imran Yousaf, a faculty member at Wenzhou-Kean University, has earned the distinction of being ranked 1st in China for the year 2022, according to P-rank based on ABDC Journal quality list. Dr. Imran Yousaf is a

WKU scholar discusses ChatGPT: How to make good use of ChatGPT on campus?

ChatGPT is an artificially intelligent chatbot created by a company called OpenAI and launched in November 2022. The program has more than 100 million monthly active users in just two months and attracted various sides of attention since its launc

【Wenzhou Daily】Building a Bridge of Friendly Exchange between China and the U.S.: Interview with Dr. Cary Anderson, Executive Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University

Shortly after the Spring Festival, Wenzhou-Kean University welcomed a new member from the U.S., and he is the newly-arrived WKU Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Cary Anderson. He and his wife adopted a girl from China 22 years ago and has established a

Interview with Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Mathematics, College of Science and Technology at Wenzhou-Kean University

Dr. Gaurav Gupta from the College of Science and Technology is from India and has 11 years of teaching experience and rich research experience in data analytics and image processing. He is enthusiastic about billiards, hiking, and motorcycle roman

Interview with Danny Dyer, English Department, the College of Liberal Arts at Wenzhou-Kean University

Danny Dyer, a lecturer in the English Department of the College of Liberal Arts at Wenzhou-Kean University, won the 2021-2022 Excellence Award in Teaching. This year is his fifth year living and working in Wenzhou. During his time at WKU, Danny has

Interview with Dr. Maurizio Vrenna, Industrial Design, Michael Graves College at Wenzhou-Kean University

Dr. Maurizio Vrenna, from Turin, Italy, is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Design at Wenzhou-Kean University who honors this year’s WKU Excellence Award in Research. He holds a Ph.D. in Management, Production and Design from Politecnico di T