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Discovering the Power of Economics: A Global Journey Towards Prosperity and Sustainability

(Interview with Dr. Almuth D. Merkel, Economics, College of Business and Public Management at Wenzhou-Kean University) In the eyes of Dr. Almuth D. Merkel, the world is multidimensional and there is always something to explore on our journey ahead

Zhang Lingkai

The study of educational administration program is a fulfilling and challenging journey for me. For me who studied economics in my undergraduate degree, it is a brand new experience for me to come into contact with this brand new field, and after th

Xiong Haoran

After four years of study in WKU’s Sino-Foreign education system, I made the decision to continue my education by pursuing a master’s degree in education management at this university. My choice to stay at WKU was driven by a deep emotional co

Qi Yingjie

  Bachelor Degree: Harbin Normal University (English major) Organization: Wenzhou University Major: Education Administration (M.A.), 2022 Cohort       The Education Administration degree is very suitable for professionals engaged

WKUers Clinch National Third Prize in the CULSC

The 8th China University Life Sciences Competition has drawn to an end. The team instructed by Prof. Bo Zhang and Ms. Xuan Zhou of the CSMT of WKU won the national third prize and provincial second prize in Zhejiang with their research project titled

Making friends with fungi, he has been insisting on this for 17 years…

Wandering in the forest, you may notice fungi of all shapes and colors. Besides the thought that fungi (mushrooms) are poisonous, did you know they can also be used in drug discovery and cancer treatment? Dr. Heriberto Vélëz (Eddy) from the College

Latest Release! Dr. Aloysius Wong's Team Publishes an Article in Nature Plants

Recently, Professor Aloysius Wong and colleagues from the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology, published two articles at authoritative journals with impact factor 18 and 27.5, respectively. Here, he briefly describes the content of the

Chen Xinyue: Spending Youthful Days on Design, Practice and Public Welfare

Chen Xinyue, a student majoring in Graphic Design at WKU, received offers from Goldsmiths, University of London (Art & Design major, TOP 14 in global ranking), University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, University for the Creative Arts,

Shen Xuzhou: Embarking on a Journey of Dream Chaser to the Cradle of the Movie Making

Shen Xuzhou, a senior graduate in communication major, received an offer and a USD 60,000 scholarship from Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (film major, TOP 6 in global ranking) this graduation season. Being admitted by the mi

Wu Zhe: WKU Golden Microphone Host Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in 3 Years and Taking Two Minors to Achieve His Media Dream

Wu Zhe, an English major to be graduated from WKU, is one of the best embodiments of the university’s dedication to “providing students with different ways of development” and enabling students to make their voices heard in their respective fields